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#BlogchatterA2Z- “Theme Reveal”- “Healthy Eating for Busy Moms”- Healthy Recipes, Tips, Tricks and Much More!

April is just around the corner and this month will bring a great excitement and enthusiasm to the blogging world. Yes! This is the month of “A to Z Blogging Challenge”, hosted by Blog chatter. I am a big fan of Blog chatter community. Blog chatter is an excellent blogging community that always helps, guide and inspire bloggers to do better and achieve their dreams. 

 Finally, the wait is over and I am so excited to share the #Theme reveal post for #BlogchatterA2Z. 

I am having a wide spectrum of emotions while writing this post. 

It is a mixed feeling of nervousness, excitement and enthusiasm. And I am sure most of us bloggers who are participating in almost one-month long blogging marathon(#BlogchatterA2Z) will be having the same mixed emotions.  

And there are not only one, but so many reasons why the month of April and the beginning of #BlogchatterA2Z, causes adrenalin rush.  

  • First it is one of the most prestigious and challenging blogging marathons that requires lots of hard work and dedication. It is a bit of challenging to write (and share, read and comment) 26 posts in a row, in one month. 
  • It is a kind of dream of every blogger to participate and complete at least once this mega blogging challenge. 
  • The successful completion gives you lots of happiness and satisfaction that finally you did it. 
  • Also, with this you can share your areas of expertise or interest with your readers and among the blogging community. This challenge provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your talent to world. 
  • As a bonus you will get a chance to explore new and awesome blogs, and would be able to make new friends too. And you can learn a lot from each other’s experience. 

So, I do want to take this opportunity and would love to be a part of it once again with good mood, positivity and enthusiasm. 

It will be my third participation. I had participated in a year 2018, with “Homeopathy A2Z” theme but unfortunately, I would not be able to complete this. It was a little disappointing experience but I had learnt a lot from this incomplete participation. 

In year 2019, I had done a proper planning and pre planned my posts beforehand. This time, the theme was “Creative kids”. In this series, I had shared 26 arts, crafts and DIY projects for kids and got an excellent response from readers. Luckily, I had published my first E-book too, with Blog chatter E book carnival. It was one of the most satisfactory experience of my blogging journey, 

And now, in the year 2020, I want to recreate those awesome moment once again. 

Ya, super excited to be a part of this most prestigious blogging campaign, hosted by Blog chatter. 

Want to say a big thanks to blog chatter for providing this amazing platform to bloggers and wishing lots of luck to all co-bloggers for their participation. 

Now, let’s move on the most important part of this post and that is “theme reveal” 

Theme Reveal 

This year’s theme is  

Healthy eating for busy moms- healthy recipes, tips, tricks and much more! 

As the name suggested, this series is entirely dedicated to busy moms. As we all know, being a mom is the most satisfactory but equally challenging job in this world. And we moms, often had tons of responsibilities and duties to complete.  

Sometimes the pressure of completing multiple responsibilities puts a pressure on our mental and physical health and we find it hard to maintain a healthy eating and exercise schedule. 

Healthy eating is the first and most important aspect of healthy lifestyle and definitely it requires a set of pre-planning. Specially, with super busy and hectic schedule, healthy eating may become challenging and we may lose our path for maintaining a healthy style. 

If being a mom and multitasker, you also face the same challenges, then this series will be a perfect exploration for you. 

I am hoping you will find this useful and wonderful. 

Why this theme? 

Moms are the pioneer of any family. For taking good care of their families, it is very important that they take good care of themselves. Healthy eating should be their first priority and I know, sometimes with multiple responsibilities, we forget this most important fact.  

And want some guiding or motivating factor to go back on track. 

With this series, I am just trying to do that. 

In this series: 

  • I am sharing 26 easy, healthy and quick recipes (in A2Z format) for busy moms (and of course for their busy families) 
  • Along with recipes, I will share tips and tricks for healthy eating 
  • Health benefits of healthy ingredients  
  • And much more! 

You can use these posts (may be an e book too..ya hoping for that) as a handy cook book to make healthy meals for you and your families with a hectic schedule. 

Inspiration behind this series 

This blog post will remain incomplete, if I did not mention the name of person who is real inspiration behind this series. I am talking about my brother, who is an avid yogi and fitness freak. I really admire his amazing healthy style that involves healthy eating and regular yoga practice. 

He is the source that keeps me inspiring for follow good healthy eating habits and regular exercise schedule during challenging days.  

So, ya bhai..this one is for you. I am hoping you will like my tiny effort for maintain the healthy lifestyle. 

This is all for now, 

So, stay tuned during the whole month of April, I am sure you will have loads of fun while learning amazing healthy recipes.  

What are your thoughts about this theme? Please share!                


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