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#Decadehop- 5 Life lessons that I had learnt in past decade!

Finally the wait is over and it is the time to get started with #Decadehop hosted by Rashi Roy and Manas mukul.

I am really excited to be a part of it and along with writing and sharing my post, looking forward to reading other awesome posts from amazing co-blogger friends.

Before beginning the post, I want to say a big thanks to awesome hosts for keeping “Decade” theme for this blog hop. I really loved it.

While writing for this theme, I had spent a good amount of time in reflecting what I have done in past decade and analyzed high and lows of this last 10 years.

Additionally, this theme has made me smile too. while looking back, I had a lovely flash back of some amazing memories. recalling those amazing moments has made me smile and filled my heart with so much love and gratitude.

For me, this last decade was truly special and I had an amazing journey in personal and professional aspects of life. if I look back, and start from 2010..I can recall so many beautiful memories. this decade has started with beginning of “Motherhood Journey” for me.

My elder daughter was born is year 2009. it was the most beautiful time of my life, where we finally have that we have waited for so long. It was the most creative crowning experience of my life and I had learnt the exact meaning of “Motherhood”.

This journey of motherhood become more blissful, when my little daughter born in 2012. I had felt a sense of “Completing my family”, when she born. my house had filled with laughter, giggles, joy and enjoyment. and I was feeling so happy that my elder one has gotten a sibling for her life time.

I had taken a long sabbatical from my professional life to enjoy this motherhood journey, but as the time passed, I had started felt a sense of losing my personal identity.

After a brief period of planning, I had decided to restart my carrier and start my small homeopathic clinic from comfort of my home. it was the another amazing phase of life. things were going the way, I had planned. people had started recognized my work as a homeopathic therapist and I had been planning to expanding this from a small clinic to a larger scale.

But, I think destiny had a different plan for me.

In year 2015, my husband had gotten an onsite opportunity to complete a project. and we moved as a family from India to USA.

It was again a big U turn in my otherwise peaceful and simple family life. new country, new people and new was a kind of mixed experience for us. one side, we had an excitement of visiting new country and exploring new culture, other side, it was not easy at all to leave behind a settled family and professional life.

I had faced so many challenges ranging from missing my family to get adjust with extreme cold temperature.

It was the time, when I had been missing my professional life so much. having a H4 Visa status was the major obstacle in working here. I had gone through a brief phase of sadness and depression due to these adverse factors. but very soon, I had overcome these factors and combat my depression by starting writing and blogging journey in year 2015.

I had started blogging just as a hobby to share my parenting journey with others. gradually this hobby had turned into my passion and now, into profession. after getting good response for my posts from my friends and family, I had started writing as a health expert for various prestigious health platforms life, shivnaspirit,com and

It was an amazing journey of learning something new everyday. I had participated in various blogging campaigns, won so many blogging challenges, make very good blogging friends and established myself as a “Creative doctor”, in blogging community.

This journey has reached on another mile stone, when I had moved my blog to self hosting platform in year 2018 as “” . I had worked really hard to make my posts informative and useful. in 2019, I had published my first e book “Creative kids”. and this amazing journey is going really exciting each day, in year 2020 too.

During this 5 years of time, my girls blossom beautifully. they had learnt and adopted the new way of living in this beautiful country. most interestingly, they become an integral part of my blogging journey. we three had planned and executed various creative kids video series and got excellent response from viewers.

They both had contributed as co-authors in my first e book and this was the most proud mommy moment for me.

For my loving parents, we had planned their first USA visit in year 2017 and had a blast as a family.

All and all it was a wonderful decade for me. of course, this journey was not always a bed of rose for me. I had faced so many challenges and had lots of low moments too.

In fact, this decade has taught me many important life lessons , which I would love to share with you all.

Motherhood is most beautiful phase of women’s life but it is equally challenging too!

As this decade is primarily devoted to my motherhood journey, I had learnt a lot from it, not only as a mom but as an individual too. there were the days, when I had felt being a good mom is most hardest thing in the world. but at the end, all these hard experiences had made me a strong person. I became a more mature, sensible and responsible person. and over the time, I had developed a better attitude to deal with adversity of difficult life situations.

Hard work always paid off

I strongly believe in amazing power of hard work since childhood. and this last decade had confirmed the same thing again. I had always achieved desired goals by doing hard work with firm determination and constant motivation.

Family is most important thing in life!

This is another important life lessons that this decade had taught me. when I was in India, It was not a big deal to meet my family in every two- three months. it was a routine thing and I had never understand the real value of this most precious thing in life. after moving to USA, I had learnt the true value of those precious family moment.

This last decade has taught me, that family is most important thing in life and we should try to be thankful and grateful for each loving family moments.

Being organized is key to get sucess

This is my biggest learning of past decade. especially, after moving to USA, I had adopted this approach to maintain a balance between my personal and professional life. It is true that being organized and plan your stuff in advance is key to get good success and achieve whatever you want from life.

Be grateful and enjoy sweet tiny moments of life!

yes! last but not the least, this last decade has taught me the importance of “Be grateful” and be content with our achievements. it is ok to have plans and ambitions but it equally important to have a feeling of satisfaction and contenment.

Now, making a craft with my girls or cooking a good dish for my family, makes me happy and joyful person. I had learnt that real joy of life lies in enjoying these sweet tiny moments.

So, these are some important life lessons that I had learnt in this past decade? how was your last decade journey? please share your thoughts, in comment box!

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