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#Alexanonstop- “Science for kids”- The new exciting series coming soon on the blog!

This is the beginning of new week, and after #MyfriendAlexa, I am writing this first post ( after a brief gap).

Before beginning this post, this is the time to express my gratitude for my dear friends andawesome readers.

This year, in April I had published my first e book “Creative book”, in association with blogchatter, and had an amazing experience with the start of my author journey. I had received so much love and appreciation for my first e book. The book is a collection of 26 easy art, craft and DIY projects for kids. It is a little effort from my side to help parents to raise a creative child and keep them engaged in various creative activities.

Thanks a lot to all my friends, family members and readers who had supported me in this beautiful journey.

If you had not downloaded your free book of your book, please click here  ( very soon, book will be available on Amazon, and I will share details about it in next post)

Now, it is the time to move on the main topic of this post.

After Alexa, I am so excited to start a brand new series on the blog ( and Youtube too), and in this post I am sharing the theme and some details about this upcoming series.

This time, I am again bringing up a new exciting and educational series for kids. This series will again be contributed by my both daughters Angel and Pranjal.

They are so excited to start this new series, and already doing lots of brain storming for making great videos and sharing useful information for their viewers.

This time, we are taking a theme that is most appropriate for this time of year.

And the theme is,


This will be a month long series, where we all three share some easy and cool science experiments ( as video and as blog post too).

These experiments will be easy and mostly based on our day to day observations. Of course, I will add the academic reference and educational reference too. Along with proper explanation of science experiments, we will also share the logic and basic principle behind that experiment. And will add other valuable resources too, to make science fun and entertaining.

I am hoping kids and parents will both get good benefits from this series and will have loads of fun and learning while exploring the amazing world of science.

Why I had selected this theme?

This is the month of October, and of course, it is the time of fun and festivity ( Halloween, Navratri and Diwali). And we all are going to have loads of fun with our family during this festive season.

Along with this fun and enjoyment, this is also a time to pay a proper attention to your academics and focus on your studies. As the school session is running on full swing, kids having a good momentum to learn new things and focusing on different subjects to achieve academic excellence.

In my house too, we are having a regular study schedule and girls are having good learning experience with regular studies.

But while teaching them, I had found that they had a great curiosity about different scientific phenomenon and often asked me so many questions related to these. And sometimes it becomes really hard to explain scientific phenomenon without any practical experiments.

So, I had thought we should try to add some practical approach and explanation to our science study.

To keep this factor in mind, we had planned this “Science for kids series”, where we will conduct some easy, and interesting science experiments and share with you all awesome guys.

This series is a little effort from our side, to make science fun and interesting.

Along with blog post, you will get a chance to learn it practically with videos.

My girls are so excited to start this new, exciting “Science journey “with practical approach.

Hoping you will like it and it will help kids and parents to learn science in easy manner.

Did you liked the theme of this new series? What else we can share to make it more educational and interesting? Please share!

This post is a part of #Alexanonstop, an interesting initiative organized by awesome blogger friends, where we all are trying to maintain same writing and reading momentum post alexa, to increase our alexa rank. if you want to be a part of that group, yoc can DM me.



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