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#Productreview-Nature sure’s Lungs Pure Capules- An excellent supplement to improve your lungs health

We lived in an incredibly busy world. And I am sure you all would be agree that this hectic busy lifestyle puts a frenetic pressure on our mental, physical and emotional health. Our body organs and different body system faces an enormous pressure everyday due to this hectic lifestyle. Nowadays, different lifestyle and respiratory diseases are so common and a larger number of our population are suffering from these kind of issues.

Respiratory system is one of the most important body systems of our body and lungs are vital organ that are most essential part of our respiratory system. There are several factors that affect our lung’s health negatively and causes different lung diseases such as sore throat, rhinitis, asthma, tuberculosis, and lung cancer.

How our lung’s health is affected by different factors?

Everyday our lung exposed to different pollutents, harmful chemicals, microbes, smog, heavy metals and vehicular emissions. Over the time these substance get deposited into our lung tissue from the air inhale through by inspiration. This process of deposition is called bio-magnification.

There are several other factors too, that affect our lung health negatively. Such as:

  • Use of synthetic deodorants, perfumes and room fresheners
  • Unhealthy food habits
  • Poor sleep
  • Increase level of stress
  • Genetic factors

The constant pressure of these factors not only affects the health of lung tissues but causes various respiratory diseases such as sore throat, nasal allergy, and asthma as well.

In this challenging scenario, it is very important to take extra care of our lungs health and detoxify our lungs regularly.

What can we do to protect our lungs health?

Of course, adopting a “Healthy lifestyle” is key to maintain a good health of our body system. it includes:

  • Eat healthy diet (add more fruits, vegetables and whole grain in your diet) and avoid eating junk and oily food
  • Exercise regularly,(  aerobics , yoga, and pranayama have great benefits for respiratory  health)
  • Manage your stress level effectively by using different stress releasing techniques such as meditation etc
  • Sleep properly
  • Regular health check-ups for early detection of diseases

Apart from these precautionary measures, we can use herbal supplements too, to provide an extra support to our body system.

Nature sure is one of the most trustworthy and reputed brand of India, for health and wellness products. They had a wide range of great products and supplements and now they had launched a superior quality product “Nature sure’s lung pure capsule”. This product is a great natural supplement that supports our lungs health. How this product is unique? And how it works? Read on to know more!

Nature sure’s lungs pure capsule

Product description

Nature sure’s lung pure capsule is an excellent supplement that is formulated with an aim to cleanse, heals, and detoxify the lung tissues. It exerts different actions on lung tissues. Such as:

  • Bronchodilator action ( it dilates the bronchial muscles of lung)
  • Mucolytic action  it helps in clearance of mucus from respiratory system)
  • Expectorant (it helps in loosening the phlegm)
  • Antimicrobial ( antibacterial action)


This product is made up with a perfect combination of ancient herbs like Vasika, Guduchi, Dhanyaka, kantakari, Haridra, Shunthi, Bharangi, Pippali and morden western herbs such as pine bark and oregano. All these ingredients are safe and scientifically prove to improve lung heath.


Nature sure’s Lung pure capsules have so many great benefits and work wonderfully to improve lung health, in different ways. Such as:

  • It purifies and detoxifies lungs
  • It heals  tissue damage cause by air pollution
  • Boost lung immunity and strength
  • Provide relief from smoker’s cough
  • Soothes chest muscles and tissues
  • Beneficial in cough, cold, allergies, sore throat, tonsillitis, and other respiratory problems
  • Mitigates nicotine induced lung toxicity
  • Decrease resistance in respiratory air ways and increase air supply

My take on Nature Sure’s lungs pure capsules

My mother is chronic asthmatic and she is suffering from this disease since 2009.  She has to take inhaler ( for asthma) most frequently. There are some triggers like increase stress level, weather change, citrus fruits that increase intensity of allergic and asthma symptoms. She also suffer from nasal allergy symptoms ( like constant sneezing and running nose), whenever weather change.

She has started taking this Nature Sure’s lung pure capsules few months ago ( of course, after consulting her physician). She has started taking it with a low dose ( 1 capsule daily) initially, and now, she is taking 2 capsule morning and 2 in evening with luke warm water.

With the regular use of this supplement, she is feeling good.  The frequency of allergic symptoms got reduced. Apart from relief in frequency and intensity of respiratory symptoms, she is having a better appetite and good level of energy in her body.

She is using this product as a supplement only. She takes her regular medication regularly ( as advised by physician) to avoid any unnecessary complications.

How to take it?

Take 1 or two capsule daily before meal with luke warm water. Always consult your doctor before start taking it.


 This product is not recommended for Children, pregnant and lactating women. People who have diabetes or other serious systemic disorders should take extra precautions and always consult a doctor before start taking it.


As a conclusion, I would say “Nature sure’s lung pure is a great supplement for lung health, it could be an excellent addition to support your respiratory system. I am quite satisfied with its result. And you can use it too but always consult your doctor before starting any self -medication.

This product can be shipped globally, if you want to know more about it, click here

Disclaimer– this post is only for educational purpose and does not claim to cure any disease condition. Always consult your doctor before starting any medication.

Note– this is a sponsored post.


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