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#MyfriendAlexa- What is Homeopathy?- An Overview

Yey! It is the first week of #MyfriendAlexa and I am nervously excited to share second post.

  So in the beginning, I would like to get started with the basics, and that is an introduction to homeopathy.

What is Homeopathy?

  “Homeopathy is an alternative branch of medical science that is worked on the basic principle of “similia simimum curenter”, means like cures like.

Homeopathy word derived from two words homoios in Greek means similar and pathos means suffering). It was founded by German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

How Homeopathy was invented (History)?

Hahnemann was an allopathic physician and he was extremely unhappy with the traditional methods of treatment. he was frustrated with this traditional mode (alopathy) and got retired from his medical practice.

And started editing and translating papers and texts written by researchers of the time. While translating he had read one report of Dr. William on the use of Cinchona bark to cure Malaria. Hahnemann got curious about it and asked author why this bark is effective in treating malaria?

The author has answered that because of its bitterness, it cures Malaria but Hahemann was not convinced with his answers and decided to do a self experiment with Cinchona Bark.

One day, he had aken the regular doses of Cinchona bark and observed that his body has produced all the symptoms of intermittent fever (malaria) but to a mild degree. He noted that he had developed same symptoms of Malaria which Cinchona bark was found to cure.

This incidence led Hahnemann to an idea that if a patient had an illness, it could be cured by giving a medicine which, if given to a healthy person, would produce similar symptoms of that same illness but to a milder degree.

  In simple words, for an example, if a person is suffering from a certain disease (like nausea or fever) he was given a medicine which in a healthy person would provoke nausea.

After so many experimentations (called proving in traditional language), Hahnemann claimed to be able the basic principle of homeopathy that is called “Like cure like” or “principle of similar”.  

This theory is similar to the theory of vaccination from Edward Jenner, where the small doses of cowpox are given to the people in an effort to immunize them against smallpox.

It had been a difficult journey for the Hahnemann, and he had faced lots of criticism for his principles and theories. Despite all this, Hahnemann always had a “never give up” attitude and homeopathy continued to grow, not just because it offers a holistic and systemic approach to treat the sick people, but also because the traditional medicine was causing serious side effects and ineffective in many cases.  

Hahnemman has claimed that homeopathy is a gentle mode of treatment and treat a disease from root without causing any side effects.

  And he was right, nowadays   

  • Homeopathy is so well trusted nowadays and more than 300 nations are using it as an effective mode of treatment.
  • It has been recognised by WHO, as a second largest therapeutic system in the world.
  • It is well known as a gentle, ideal, free from side effect and holistic mode of treatment.
  • Nowadays, it has become the latest craze in health and wellness industry and a large number of people want to take homeopathic treatment for treating their disease condition.

       I know, the basic principle of homeopathy might sound little different and hard to understand. I had tried to explain it with my best possible effort.

If you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask.

  Being a homeopathic therapist, I am extremely delighted to share “all about the homeopathy” through this series.

In next article, I will share “basic principle of homeopathy”, so stay tuned!

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