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#Product review- “Nature sure Weight loss formula with agnimantha”- A good natural product for progressing your weight loss journey!

I am back again with #Naturesure product review series, and today I will share my honest feedback about the nature sure weight loss formula ( with Agnimantha)

Before sharing more details about this product, I want to put a strong disclaimer and share some important points about weight loss process.

Increase weight or obesity is one of the major health problem worldwide and a larger number of population suffer from this health threat. Obesity is root cause of so many serious life threatening disorders such as diabetes, and cardio vascular diseases. And as obese person always possesses a higher risk for suffering from different hormonal and lifestyle diseases.

Causes of obesity

  • There could be a wide range of causes for obesity. Such as:
  • Lack of physical exercise and sedentary lifestyle
  • Unhealthy diet (high calorie junk food, fried food, cold drinks, etc.) habits
  • Genetic
  • Hormonal reasons
  • Other systemic disorders such as PCOD, diabetes etc.

Weight loss is a gradual process

Of course, we all are impatient by nature and want to get immediate result, especially when it comes to losing weight, we all want some short cuts and get desperate to see desired results. Unfortunately there is no magical diet and exercise schedule that can lose your weight fast. You have to be patient and have to done important lifestyle changes that includes healthy diet and regular exercise. These two things are key to maintain your weight loss process consistent.

You have to follow:

  • A regular healthy diet eating schedule. Try to include more and more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet. And avoid junk, fried, high calorie food and drinks. Drink lots of water and avoid eating outside as much as possible.
  • Do exercise regularly ad being physically active is second thing that will make your weight loss journey consistent.

Also, do not forget to take a professional medical advice before starting any diet or exercise program. Each one has different body type, so it is very important to consult your doctor before making any signifant changes in your lifestyle.

Now, move on the next important thing “the use of supplement for weight loss”. Nowadays various weight loss supplements are available in market that claims to lose weight within 30 days or earlier.

Being a certified therapist I would never recommended chemical based supplements to anyone. These supplements can cause harmful side effects and other metabolic disorders. So always be extra cautious before using these kind of supplements.

On brighter side, we can use natural or herbal products as an additional support to make our weight loss process little faster (again after taking proper medical consultation). Recently nature sure has launched their “Nature sure weight loss formula with ( agnimantha)”

The product is completely natural and made up with natural ingredients.

Product detail

Each 500 mg capsule contains agnimantha 100 mg and shilajit 400 mg.

How this product work?

This product is based on ancient ayverveda therapy. According to Ayurveda, we can reduce our weight by balancing Vata and kapha doshas to improve metabolism and flush out excess weight through frequent urination.

The human body consists of seven dhatus ( lymph, blood, muscle, fat, bones, nervous system and reproductive system). Obese people have a faulty mechanism and tend to get nourishment only from fatty tissues while the remaining six dhatus remain undernourished. This thing leads to abnormal accumulation of kapha which hampers fat metabolism.

This nature sure weight loss formula made with 100 percent, top grade natural ingredients. It regulates Jathragni (body’s inner heat necessary for digestion) to prevent excess calories from getting converted into storage fat. This product has a diuretic effect and flushes out metabolic toxins through frequent urination and promote cellular health.

This product increases bio-availability of nutrients to unlock energy and vitality and prevent chronic fatigue. It also helps in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides and prevent disorders like hypertension and gall bladder malfunction.

How to take it?

Two capsule each with lukewarm water before meals in morning and evening.


Not recommended for pregnant women, lactating women, children and infants.

My take on product

My father is obese and diabetic too, he had started taking this tablets few days ago, as per his experience, “He is feeling increase frequency of urination after starting this. Along with this, he is feeling more energetic and less tired than before. His digestion is improved and he is feeling lighter and fresh in his day to day routine. Regarding weight loss process, I think it is really early to predicate anything. He (or anyone) who wants to reduce weight has to follow a regular diet and exercise schedule and has to take this medicine for a long period of time regularly.


As a conclusion I would say, “Weight loss is a slow and gradual process and you have to be patient for this. Indeed, nature sure weight loss formula is a great natural product that is made with 100 % natural ingredients and free from typical side effects. It could be used as an effective addition to progress your weight loss journey”.

You can know more about this product by clicking here

Disclaimer- the article is only for informational purpose. Always consult your doctor before taking any medication.

Note- this is a sponsored post!

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