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#Bookreview- “Travel my way, A Travelogue by Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar”

2019 blogchatterA2Z had been a special journey for me. It was my second participation and this time I had completed it successfully. This year was not only special as a writer perspective but as a reader perspective as well. While reading for this amazing challenge, I had gotten a chance to explore and read the work of some amazing bloggers.

And as a reader, I had felt that this year “Travel” was one of the most favourite themes among bloggers.

This year, my fellow blogger friends have shared their different travelogue in their unique style. And I had a great time while reading about their travel experience and memories.

Among these different travelogue series, one of travelogue that had caught my attention since beginning, was Vartika’s A2Z travel series, where she has shared her amazing travel experiences in her unique style. And now, after completing the series successfully, she has published her first e book too on the same theme. And the book name is,

Travel my way- Travelogue by Varitka Mehrotra Gakhar”

My heartiest congrats to her for achieving this biggest blogging milestone and starting a new journey as an “Author”.

Book Name: Travel My Way

Author: Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar

Genre: Travel

Pages: 88

Rating: 4.5/5


The book is an excellent travelogue by debutant author Vartika where she has shared her personal travelling experiences in her unique style. The book starts from her childhood travelling experience and moved to her after marriage and aboard living (and travelling) experiences. In the end chapters, she has shared some useful topics like how to plan a budget friendly vacation, travelling with kids and essential packing item checklist as well. This is a book where you will not read some amazing travel experiences but you will get a chance to learn a lot about easy travelling as well.

Here are few characteristics features of book that I just loved so much.

Key features of book that I just loved so much

Each chapter of book has an exciting personal story

This is the first and most important point that has caught my attention immediately as a reader. Since the beginning she has started each chapter with an interesting personal narration. Like in the chapter, “Divine connection with him. At Golden temple Amritsar,” she has written the whole story behind her temple visit and her divine experience. As she says in the end of the chapter,

“But the sanctity of this place touched my heart and soul. I felt so peaceful and powerful. I felt free. As I entered the temple, I felt my eyes brimming with unshed tears. Never before, had I felt anything like that. It was an indescribable experience. I felt an instant connection with HIM.”

With this engaging personal narration, you feel that you are a part of her journey and you feel the same emotion or experience as she has felt.

I had felt her personal experience so strongly and positively in each chapter.

Like in “One dark night-when we almost met our end…” chapter I got scared and had goose bumps while reading the whole narration.

I think as an author this is a biggest victory when you make an instant connection with your readers. This is the first step and most important step and Vartika has done this thing so successfully.

You will become her travel partner after reading first few chapters. And you want to learn and explore more places with same enthusiasm and positivity as she had while travelling.

You will get a chance to learn and explore different beautiful places of world

Yes! This is the second exciting factor that I loved so much. With each chapter you will get a chance to learn and explore different beautiful places from India to Europe. In the beginning chapter she starts with her Native place Lucknow and some mesemrisinzing experiences of religious places (Chardham yatra with her family). Then, in next chapters, you will learn about more exciting places like Goa, Bengaluru, Chandigarh and rishikesh. As her journey moves on, you will also get a chance to explore a different world in her Poland and Europe travel chapters.

It is also about getting excellent travel information ( visiting spots, things to remember checklist etc)

Yes! In the each chapter, she has shared excellent travel information in the form of important visiting spots, and things to remember list. She has shared really excellent points that will help you a lot to plan your next travel tips easily and efficiently.

Last few chapters are so informative and have excellent travel tips

As I had said earlier that she has shared some useful travel tips in each chapter but the last few chapters are just so exceptional and provide you excellent information for easy travelling.  She has covered some important travel topics such as,

  • Tips and tricks for a stress free family vacation?
  • Tips for travelling the world on a budget without hurting your pocket.
  • Useful tips for travelling with a baby.
  • Quintessential items, I never forget to pack before leaving for the vacation
  • Explore Europe like a pro with these helpful mobile app

I got so impressed with these last chapters where she has shared excellent informative tips. You can use these chapters for easy reference and getting useful travel tips.

It is also about feeling a positive and vibrant energy

Personally I believe that as a blogger or as an author it is not an easy task to touch the emotional side or mood of your readers. It requires a sort of extraordinary talent, style of presentation and amazing positive spirit to touch the inner core of a reader.

But Vartika has crossed this hard barrier so easily. You can feel her positive vibes and amazing spirit instantly as a reader. I had felt same exciting positive energy as a reader that she has as a writer. In fact, I had a great desire to visit the places that she has shared in different chapters.


As a conclusion I would say,

This book is an excellent combo of personal exciting travel stories+ excellent information for easy travelling and travel planning. If you are travel enthusiastic you will love this book for all possible reasons and want to keep this for easy reference and travel tips.

And if you are not a travel enthusiastic this book will inspire you to start travel more and add extra fun and excitement in your life. I had a great reading experience while reading this book, and had a great positive mood. In fact, now I want to plan our next vacation trip soon after reading this book”.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone and I am sure you will love it.

Again a big congrats to Varitka for writing such a great and interesting book as a debutant author and I wish her all the best for great success and happiness in the future.

The book is available for free download for a limited period of time. you can download your free copy here

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