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#Bookreview- “Fruits for life” An Excellent book by Dr. Amrita Basu!

Being a homeopathic therapist and a health conscious person, I always love to read interesting and informative health and lifestyle related content. Personally, I believe this kind of knowledge and its proper implementation help a lot to us stay fit and healthy.

Recently I had gotten an awesome opportunity to read (and review) an interesting book by Dr. Amrita Basu through the blogchatter book review program. The book name is “Fruits for life” and as the name suggested it is all about interesting and informative facts about fruits.

Author information

Dr. Amrita is an ENT surgeon, elf published writer, blogger and wellness expert. She always writes excellent informative content about health and lifestyle. I had read her previous work already and she had always impressed me with her writing style and informative content. This book is an excellent extension of her quality work and she had worked really hard to make this book interesting and informative.


The book is based on A2Z theme means the author has shared alphabetically information about fruits that starts from A and end at  Z. she has covered various important aspect and facts about different fruits in each chapter. With each chapter, you will get a chance to learn different aspects of fruits such as nutrional value, unique characteristics of fruits, and association with different disease condition. It is a kind of precise and unique information about fruits that every person should read and learn.

Here are some characteristic features that I really liked about this book.


I had read so many health related stuffs previously but never get a chance to read a book that is solely dedicated to “Fruits”. Of course, we all know that fruits are good for health but most of us (in fact medicos too) did not know the important facts about fruits. I am so glad that Dr. Amrita has come up with this idea and select this theme for write her book.

As she says in the beginning of the book, that “you know fruits are good for you but which fruit and how much, and the right amount of fruit can change your life”. By keeping this factor in mind she has selected this theme for her book and provides us a guide to knowing what to put inside your body for healthy you.

So, this is first and most important thing that I liked so much.

Excellent information

The book is not only about the selection of great theme, it is about excellent information as well. She has shared excellent, in depth and scientific driven fact information about each fruit.  I had learnt some really interesting facts about different fruits from this book, which I never knew. Such as:

  • The serotonin in Kiwi can cause severe allergic reaction and you should consult the doctor before consuming it if you have any kind of allergy.
  • Watermelon is called “Nature’s Viagra” for its unique characteristics.
  • Lychee can cause dangerous side effects and you should be careful while using this.

Fruits and diseases

Of course our diet has a major impact on our overall health. Especially when it comes to prevention and management of any disease condition, fruits also had an important role to play. I am glad that Dr. Amrita had included this important information in almost each chapter. And shared “Diseases and impact of fruit intake” so well in her book. For example:

  • In the beginning chapter you will learn that Apple has great antioxidant activity and can play a good role in prevention of asthma, heart diseases, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Also apple has excellent cholesterol reducing capacity.
  • Cranberry is a great fruit for women and helps prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Eggplant or Brinjal can cause different allergic reactions such as skin rash, angioedema and itchiness of skin around lips and oral cavity.

Style of presentation

This one is another important point that I loved about this book. Sometimes health related information may become boring and not so interesting. And it is very important to share this kind of info in interesting and engaging style. And Dr. Amrita had done same thing. She has included interesting personal anticedotes in each chapter. I had really great time to read each chapter with her personal experience. Her presentation style is so good and engaging. Each chapter raise a sense of curiosity and as a reader, you want to read next chapter with same enthusiasm to learn interesting information about different fruits.

Especially in the “Mango malda and me” chapter she has shared some interesting personal experience and I had a great time while reading it.

The end of each chapter is so impressive

Summarizing information and facts is very important part of any book and it is a responsibility of author that readers learn from his/her book. Dr. Amrita has taken this responsibility so well and concluded each chapter very efficiently by summarizing information. You will learn again all important facts about particular fruits in the ending of each chapter.

What I had missed in the book?

I had missed some pretty fruit pictures in the book. If she has included it, the book may look visually more appealing.

Other than that it is just perfect.


As a conclusion I would say,

“The book “Fruits for life” is a great informative book that provides us excellent and unique information (with scientifically driven facts) about fruits. You will learn a lot with each chapter, in a simple and easy manner. So, if you want to get stay fit and healthy, and want to eat right fruits in correct quantity, you should read this book. The book can become your perfect partner and can help you in adopting a healthy lifestyle easily and correctly.

I will highly recommend this book to everyone. And want to congratulate to Dr, Amrita for writing such an informative book as a debutant author. Lots of best wishes to her and I am really looking forward to read her next book.


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