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#BlogchatterA2Z, “P”- Papier Mache and Pop up card making ( Two exciting activities for kids)


It is week 2 of #BlogchatterA2Z and we had reached on alphabet “P”, and as “P” I am sharing two unique and interesting activities for kids, hoping they will have loads of fun with it.

Pop up card making

Nowadays it is a tradition to celebrate each occasion with card making. And kids love making cards on their own. Handmade cards are more special because they show our love and affection for our dear one. It is the easiest way to explore creativity and imagination power in kids, but if you are bored from routine cards with typical pattern and supplies. Then this is a perfect solution for that. Pop up card making is a great variation for routine card making.

Have you ever been sent a pop-up greeting card? If so, you can probably remember the design of the card, who sent it and on what occasion? A pop- up card is more special and memorable. It’s more than just a card. It is a surprising and amusing gift in its own right. Although pop-up card making requires precision and practices, but the greatest advantage of these cards is they are unique but inexpensive and can be made with routine craft supplies like a pencil, correct paper sheet, and backing sheet.

The book

“Pop-up card making– a book written by mike palmer” (a professional paper engineer) is an amazing book to learn this unique art. It has over 50 easy to follow projects for all occasions- wedding, valentine, Halloween, and christmas . All the cards have been carefully planned to demonstrate a variety of construction techniques. All the projects are explained with the aid of clear and step by step photographs and accurate technique. These projects will provide you with hours of fun. So give it a try for this vacation for creativity and excitement.

Papier Mache project

Every year, millions of tons of waste paper thrown away. This waste paper can be recycled in creative and exciting manner. Papier Mache is an excellent method to do that. It is an inexpensive art project that can keep your child engaged for many hours and end results are amazing. There are two main methods of making it – pulping and layering. For the pulping method, small pieces of paper soaked in water until they dissolved. Then they mashed into a pulp, drained, squeezed, and dry and mixed with glue. The second method is layering. This involves sticking strips of torn paper together and results in a very tough but light substance. The craft supplies that are needed for these projects are very simple. These are paper, glue, craft knife, scissors, and clear gloss varnish, moulding clay, petroleum jelly and cardboard.

The Book

– Papier- Mache project book is an art book for children written by Marion Elliot. It is a great book to for learning this creative art. Book has two parts, first is an introductory part. In this part basic methods and techniques had explained. Then the book moves on to projects, starting off with simple projects like paper plate and bowl. In second part they had included more complicated projects like jewellery, decorations, photo frame. The best part of book is the great pictures and step by step instructions for each project. General tips and advice are given in the form of tip boxes throughout the book, which is very helpful for beginners.

I had collected these two books from near by library and we are so excited to make more of these two projects in this vacation. did you like these ideas? please share!

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