Baby colic- What it is, why it happens and what you can do about it?

Colic in babies is one of the most common problems. What it is, why this happens and what you can do about it? Read on to know more!

As a new parent, we all learn so many new things every day. And sometimes we have to face different kind of challenges while setting the new born baby in routine. Though crying is baby’s natural response to tell his basic needs (hunger, thirst, or diaper change) but when the crying becomes continuous and inconsolable, it could be much more than just his basic needs.

It could be a sign of colic. What is baby colic? Why it happens? And what can we do to control the symptoms of baby colic? Read on to know more!

What is baby colic?

Baby colic is one of the most common conditions that affect large number of infants during their first few months of life. It is estimated that 1 in 5 babies suffer from colicky symptoms during first 3-4 months of their life.

As per Wikipedia definition,

Baby colic is defined as episodes of crying for more than three hours a day, for more than three days a week, for three weeks in an otherwise healthy child. The usual onset of colic is six weeks of age and typically it goes away by six months of age.

Here are some fast facts about baby colic.

  • Colic is not a disease condition and has no long term effects or problems on baby’s development. Colicky babies grow up as normal babies.
  • It occurs as same rate in boys and in girls.
  • Though it is not a serious medical condition but it can cause a state of frustration in new parents because of continuous crying of babies.
  • Good news is that colic responds very well to home remedies and other traditional way of treatment.

What causes colic?

The aetiology of colic is unknown and there are no fixed reasons or causative factors that cause colicky symptoms. According to some experts, lactose intolerance could be a cause of colic and bottle feed babies are prone to get colic symptoms.

While another theory suggest, it is more related with the diet and habits of mothers. Mothers who smoke or take more caffeine in their diet, their babies have more chances of developing colicky symptoms.

Sign and symptoms

Here are some common symptoms of colic:

  • Continuous crying of babies (usually in evening) that seems inconsolable
  • Change in body posture, baby may clinched her fist and drawn his feet towards chest and knee
  • Some babies may have other symptoms of digestion upset such as gas, spit up or passing of stool or wind while crying.
  • Disturbed sleep pattern due to continuous crying

Treatment options for colic

There are various treatment options are available for treating symptoms of infantile babies. And physician usually prescribed the needed medication after examining babies and evaluates their sign and symptoms.

But as holistic physician and a mommy of two girls, I always prefer to use natural products to treat routine problems in kids. Using products that are made up of natural ingredients had so many advantages such as lesser chances of side effects and cure from root.

In this post, I am sharing one of the most effective, 100 percent Ayurveda and natural product to treat colic symptoms of babies. India’s well trusted baby brand Mothersparsh has recently launched 100 percent Ayurvedic Tummy Roll On to treat colic and other digestion related issues like stomach upset and constipation.

Here are some basic ingredients of Mothersparsh tummy roll on.

Ingredients: Hing oil, Pudina oil, Sonth oil, Saunf oil and Sova oil.

The combination of these 5 unique oils has amazing therapeutic properties and work very well in treating colicky symptoms in babies. Such as:

  • Hing oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help to reduce acid reflux and constipation
  • Saunf oil has anti-colicky properties which help to reduce stomach bloating, gas, and help the baby to burp.

Direction for use

Apply directly on the stomach around the naval area

Unique features of Mothersparsh Tummy Roll On

 Mothersparsh tummy roll-on has some unique features that make it useful for treating colic in babies. Such as:

  • Mothersprash tummy roll on is helpful in treating not only colic in babies but also cure indigestion and constipation.
  • Is also helps in relieving gas pain and flatulence. And cure abdominal pain and upset stomach.
  • All ingredients in Mothersparsh Tummy Roll On is 100 % Ayrevedic and natural which make them totally safe to use on sensitive skin of babies.
  • It is skin friendly too and did not cause any side effect or allergic reactions.
  • Chemical free, as this product does not contain any harmful chemicals or alcohol, become a safe choice for parents to use on delicate skin of infants.


As a conclusion, I would say

“Mothersparsh Tummy roll is an ideal option to treat colic and other digestion related issues in babies. It is made up of 100 percent natural and ayurvedic ingredients and does not contain any harmful or harsh chemicals. As new parents if you are looking for a natural, safe and trustworthy option for treating colicky symptoms of their babies, must go for it. I am sure you would not be disappointed.

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