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25 Clean-eating Recipes ideas (Part 1)

he Power of Clean Eating
the Power of Clean Eating

The journeys of blog chatter projects are getting really exciting.

This is week 3 and I am excited to share post 4 of “Clean eating series”

After sharing all the theoretical aspects of clean eating, it’s time to move on towards practical aspect.

Yes! The most interesting aspect of clean eating, “The Recipes”

In this post, I am sharing 25 clean eating recipe ideas to make your path little easier.

Before sharing the recipe ideas, I want to share some handy tips that will help you a lot cook clean and eat clean especially during busy hectic days.

So, here are some easy to adopt tips:

Plan  ahead

Yes! The first and most important thing if you want to eat clean and healthy, then it is very important to plan ahead. You may use a meal planner or make a simple chart to enlist the dishes, you want to make during weekdays. This meal planning will not only help in eat clean during busy weekdays but also helps in healthy shopping as well.

Do a proper healthy shopping during weekends

Another very important step, during weekdays, we all had tons of personal, professional and other responsibilities. And with this hectic schedule, if we want to keep our diet on right track, it is very important to do a meal planning and shopping accordingly to avoid end moment rush or tension.

Keep some ingredients prepared

Yes, this step always helps a lot in eating healthy even with the super busy schedule.  There are some easy preparations that we all can do ahead. Like,

  • Do a cutting and chopping of some vegetables and fruits and store them in airtight containers in the refrigerator.
  • Prepare some healthy dip or chutneys to use as the side dish.
  • Prepare idly or dosa better in advance to make healthy breakfast during busy days.

So with these handy tips, now move on next step, “Recipes”

Power of Clean Eating
Power of Clean Eating

Here I am sharing some easy and healthy recipe ideas that will help you a lot in eating clean and healthy

“Clean eating Breakfast ideas”

As well know breakfast is a most important meal of the day. And it is very important to eat a healthy, clean breakfast that is rich in nutrients and provide you energy to stay fit and healthy even with a pressure of completing multiple responsibilities.

 sprout with vegetable topping

I am sure you all would agree sprouts are one the best, easy to prepare and healthy option to eat during breakfast. There are low in calorie, and a good source of protein. Also, there are various options are available in sprouts, so you will get different varieties too.


Just soak the different protein-rich options like moong, Chana, and moth. Use either sprout maker or clean cloth to make it proper sprouted. And if you feel these steps hard, you can use readymade sprouts as well

There are two ways to use it. Either use it as a raw salad by mixing some finely chopped vegetables or adds some seasoning and lime juice. Or do a stir-fry by adding little oil and tadka with cumin seed and green chilly.

Adding more and more vegetables is the best way to make it more clean, healthy and nutritious.

 Veggie or fruit toast

I am sure you had already heard about the “Avocado toast” that is the latest trend in healthy eating. Especially for breakfast toast is a great option. They are easy to prepare and we can try different options to make it interesting. Here I am sharing Avocado toast recipe


  • Use whole wheat or multiple grain bread
  • Toast it for few minutes
  • Mashed avocado properly, and apply it on toast bread.
  • Add some olive oil, lime juice and seasoning (crushed paprika or black pepper) to make it tasty.
  • As an addition you may add finely chopped vegetables or cheese also, to do good variations.
  • For a change, you can also use different fruits as per your choice to make a perfectly healthy and clean breakfast.

Muesli with fruits and nut topping

I am a big fan of muesli.  During routine hectic days, nothing could be better than a full bowl of muesli with fruits and nuts. It is a kind of breakfast that provides all nutrients in a single bowl. Just be careful while buying it. Check labels and pick no added sugar option. Also if you like a sweetened taste, add honey instead of sugar. Your perfect yummy and clean breakfast is ready to eat.


When we talking about the clean and healthy breakfast, how can we forget to add oatmeal in the list? Oat is one of the best sources of complex carbohydrate that helps in providing good energy to your body. You get enough fibre and fill full for a longer period of time.

As a great advantage, you can enjoy oatmeal as a sweet dish by adding milk, honey, fruits and nut.

And you can also make a savoury dish by adding a little seasoning and lots of finely chopped vegetables.


If you are not a big fan of toasts, then healthy and tasty sandwiches are a great option to make a perfectly healthy and tasty breakfast. Just keep a few things in mind.

  • Always use brown or multigrain bread instead of white one.
  • Avoid using high calorie or unhealthy dressings.
  • Try to use more vegetables and fruits as a filling. As an alternative, hung curd is another great option.
  • Grill it with little oil. With a little creativity, you can make so many tasty and healthy sandwich options to serve your family with a healthy breakfast.

Lean and green smoothie

If you have a really busy morning and did not get enough time to prepare a perfect breakfast then the smoothie is just a perfect option to get all the essential nutrients in a single glass. And again there could be different variations to make interesting smoothie recipes. Click here to know more about some awesome collection of power packed smoothies.

Apart from these, here I am listing a few more healthy breakfast options with little variations.

  • Sprouted poha- we all love Poha, but as a grain, it is not that healthy so why not add some sprouts and vegetables to make it healthier.
  • Vegetable upma with different grains- Rava upma is one of the common breakfasts in the Indian household. No doubt, it is healthy but as variations, we can make Ragi upma too. The uses of different grains are always beneficial and help in providing the power of essential nutrients too.
  • Vegetable paratha or pancakes
  • Yes, we Indian love to eat parathas or pancakes in breakfast. But typical potato paratha with lots of butter is not a good option for breakfast. Try to use mixed multigrain floor instead of only wheat flour, and add interesting stuffing of different seasonal vegetables. Also, avoid using too much oil. With these little changes, a healthy tasty breakfast is ready to eat.
  • South Indian magic (Idly, dosa and Uttpum) with the little twist
  • South Indian dishes always a great healthy option, to use during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just be more creative add veggies in batter, and use different grains like oats or ragi, can make great breakfast options.
  • Steamed vegetables or a fresh bowl of fruits

Last but not least, if you want to lose weight with your clean eating journey then eats some steamed vegetable bowl or a bowl of fresh fruit in breakfast. You can use this bowl as an addition to your routine breakfast. It will give you excellent nutrition and provide you with all the required energy with no unhealthy calorie.

So these are some ideas from my side that I try to implement while cooking and feeding my family.  What are your options? Please share!

This is the part 1 of clean eating recipes, will share clean eating lunch and dinner ideas in the next post, so stay tuned!

The post is a part of Blog chatter projects hosted by blog chatter.

If you had missed first part of this series click here

My hashtag for the series is #CleanEatingBySurbhi, ask any questions, doubts or share your experience with clean eating ( By using this hashtag) on Instagram, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.






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