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Clean Eating- Common Myths and 7 Guidelines for Beginners

The Power of Clean Eating (6)
The Power of Clean Eating
basic guidelines

Clean eating is the latest craze in the health and fitness industry. And I am sure you had already heard about it.

I am so excited to share my second post for blog chatter projects season 2. And this post will be an introduction to “Clean eating”. What is clean eating? What are some common myths associated with the concept of clean eating? And what are 7 basic principles and guidelines for clean eating? Read on to know more!

Blogchatter projects season 2
Blogchatter projects season 2

Before moving ahead with detailing about the clean eating, I want to clear some common myths associated with the clean eating concept. I am sure this myth-busting help a lot to understand all other aspects of clean eating so well.

Myth 1

Clean eating is a specific kind of diet or eating plan

I am sure many of us ( including me) will get an adrenalin rush when we heard the word “Diet” and often consider that involving yourself in any kind of diet means counting the calories, restriction of various kinds of food and so on…

But do not be afraid, “Clean eating” is not that typical diet thing that put an extra pressure on your already hectic life schedule. It is much more than that; it is a kind of lifestyle that requires some positive changes in your diet and overall lifestyle. (I will share more about this in next section)

Myth 2

Clean eating is a kind of fancy diet changes that require more money. And it will put extra pressure on your budget and expenses.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about clean eating. People often consider that healthy eating requires buying expensive food items. And will put an extra pressure on your budget. But this is not true. Clean eating is all about doing a proper pre-planning about how and what you going to eat with a busy schedule. It could be less expensive than other routine diets if we plan it properly.

Myth 3

Clean eating requires only for those people who want to look good or want to lose weight

Nope, this is again a common misconception. Though clean eating definitely improves your skin texture, overall appetence, and also helps in losing weight. But it is not the thing that should be adopted by only models or actors. The truth is that clean eating is necessary for all people including different age, sex, and physical status.

Clean eating should be a part of your lifestyle that will help you stay healthy (physically, mentally and emotionally). It is a thing that helps a lot in the prevention of various lifestyle diseases.

So after clearing these myths, I am sharing the actual topic that what is clean eating?

What is clean eating?

As per NCBI, clean eating is all about the eating more whole and real foods that include whole grain, fruits, vegetables etc. it is also about reducing the intake of processed and unhealthy foods that includes all kind of whites (white bread, white flour, white rice), excess of sugar and salt.

It is very important to understand the basic principles of clean eating. These principles are pioneers of clean eating that help a lot to adopt these changes in your routine diet.

Before sharing the basic principles, I want to put on a disclaimer that I am not a diet expert. These principles are based on my personal experience. Though I had done enough scientific research before sharing this, still I would highly recommend that you should always take a professional consultation before making any significant changes to your diet. Sudden changes to your diet may cause more harm than good.

So here are the basic principles of clean eating.

  • It is about adopting a lifestyle
  • Clean eating means eating more whole foods
  • Fruits and vegetables should be your best friend
  • It is also about healthy shopping skills that include reading the labels, ingredient list etc.
  • “Eat at home” should be your first priority (try to avoid eating outside as much as possible)
  • Being mindful while eating
  • Adopting the more innovative and healthy ways of cooking and using the ingredient wisely

It is about adopting a healthy lifestyle

This is the first and basic principle of clean eating that will help a lot to maintain a consistency in your dietary routine. Whenever we attempt any dietary changes in the form of any specific diet, it puts an extra pressure on your mental state. And as a result, it becomes hard to follow that routine for the longer duration with consistency.

Another side, when we try to implement this as a part of your routine lifestyle that it becomes easier to maintain a consistent routine. I would say try to go on slow, and work on your not so healthy habits and try to substitute it with healthy habits. This thing works for sure and you would be able to make “Clean eating” as a part of your part of routine life easily and smoothly.

Clean eating means eating more whole food

Yes! The second most important step, try to incorporate more and more whole and real food into your diet. You can make a list of things that can be replaced by healthier ingredients. Such as,

  • Replace white bread with brown bread
  • White rice to brown rice
  • Include varieties of healthy grains like oats, amaranth, and quinoa in your diet.
  • Always give a preference to complex carbohydrate that is rich in fibre and easy to digest.
  • Never ignore the importance of protein. Sprouted beans, pulses, and low-fat dairy items help in constituting the balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Also, add fibre-rich foods in your diet. fiber helps in keeping your digestive system healthy and plays a great role in weight management as well.

Fruits and vegetables should be your best friend

When we are talking about “Clean eating”, how can we forget the importance of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of varied nutrients. eating a fair amount of fruits and vegetable help in improving skin texture, improve vitality and can help a lot in losing weight ( or managing ideal weight)

It is also about developing healthy shopping skills

Yes! This is another most important thing if we want to eat healthy on a regular basis, it is very important to develop healthy shopping skills.

Read the ingredient list, check out the cholesterol or fat portion, prefer baked snacks over fried one, are some of the easy steps that can help a lot in buying a healthier item. This step is one of the most vital steps to keep your diet on healthy track. You can make a prior list or use any suitable app to maintain healthy shopping strategies.

If you want to know more about healthy shopping skills click here

“Eat at home” should be your first priority

Though there is no harm to do the occasional outing or picking a take-out during hectic routine days. But try to keep “Eat at home” schedule is best for healthy eating routine. There are various good reasons and benefits of eating at home.

  • You can control the amount (and quality) of ingredients
  • You can use healthier methods of cooking (like steaming, or shallow frying instead of deep frying)
  • And as an additional advantage, it is definitely less expensive than eating outside.

Being mindful while eating

Sometimes when we try to adopt a new routine, small steps can help a lot to make your path easier. Though it is hard to leave watching your favourite TV show while having your dinner or lunch (I am guilty of this)

But we can try being mindful while eating. This thing helps a lot to maintain a healthy and clean diet pattern even with the hectic and busy schedule.

So I think I had covered all the basic principles that will help a lot in starting and maintain clean eating habits as a part of our routine lifestyle.


As a conclusion, I would say clean eating is all about being more aware, being more mindful about your dietary habits. It is also about being more prepared for your routine meals. This is a little step that will help a lot in improving your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

This is one of the major things that will help a lot in the prevention of various lifestyle diseases (such as diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases)

I know all these things may sound little overwhelming…so we will go on slow. In the next post, I will share 8 amazing benefits of clean eating. How clean eating habits keep our body system healthy? Stay tuned to know more!

The post is a part of Blog chatter projects hosted by blog chatter.

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