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BlogChatter Projects (Season 2)- The Power of Clean Eating ( Theme Reveal)


The Power of Clean Eating
The Power of Clean Eating

Finally, the wait is over and blog chatter projects are back with a bang with season 2.


I am so excited to be a part of it once again.

And hoping to have a great time with it, like last year.

Before moving ahead with theme sharing, I would like to share the brief about the “Blogchatter projects” for those who are new to it.

What are Blog chatter projects?

Blogchatter projects are an awesome initiative by Blogchatter  (The largest and best blogging community of India) that offers a great chance to writers and bloggers to share their area of expertise with a Nobel motive. With this project, bloggers share their thought in the form of 4 or more blog posts with a mission to share something useful, informative or for raising awareness about any cause.

It is a great opportunity to put a contribution from your side to society with the power of words. Another side, it is also great a platform to share any e-course or e-book with your readers. It’s a kind of an excellent journey that will help you to reach on your destination with awesome support and guidance.

For me, it is more special, because this time I am sharing it on my new blog. After an awesome response for #Myfriendalexa, I am really excited with #Blogchatter projects too. This time awesome 25 bloggers are sharing their projects with blog chatter projects.

I wish all of them best of luck and may all get a great success and accomplishment with their projects.

Theme reveal

Now, the most exciting part of this post, the theme reveals

My year’s theme is the extension of last year.

Last year, I had shared my blog project with the theme “Health is Wealth”.

Indeed, health is wealth, and I had a great experience and success while raising awareness about my mission.

As we all know healthy eating is one of the most important constituents of being healthy.

Our diet determines our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

We all know the importance and benefits of healthy and clean eating.

But with hectic life schedules, sometimes it becomes really hard to maintain a regular, strict and healthy eating pattern.

To keep all these points and obstacles in my mind, I am trying to make your path little easier with this year’s blog chatter projects.

And with this, I am sharing, “The Power of clean eating- tips, benefits, recipes and much more” as my blog chatter project.

Blogchatter projects season 2 (1)
Blogchatter projects season 2

With this project, I am sure you will get a deep insight into all the important aspect of eating clean.

Though I am not a diet expert but being a holistic physician it is my genuine effort to inspire and motivate people to pay enough attention to their diet.

It is kind of journey that I want to enjoy with you all, with a Nobel motive.

As scientific studies suggested, that healthy and clean eating is one of the most important factors that help you stay healthy and fit. Also, it is one of the essential elements that can help a lot in the prevention of various lifestyle diseases.

As an additional note, as the Diwali is over and we all had indulged enough in all festive food, sweets and other high-calorie snacks.

So, this is the right time to get some detox.

It is perfect time to make again “Clean eating” to a part of our lifestyle.

With this series, I am sharing following topics in detail for making the clean eating habit is a priority.

  1. What is clean eating- basics, importance and other facts
  2. 8 Amazing benefits of eating clean
  3. 10 Effective tips to eat clean with a busy schedule
  4. 30 Easy Clean eating ideas ( for breakfast, lunch and dinner) Indian style
  5. “Clean eating 101”- A quick checking list for beginners ( Free download)

So I am geared up to be healthy with this clean eating challenge and hoping that you will also join me, on this awesome journey. My hashtag for the series is #CleanEatingBySurbhi, share your thoughts, queries, or experience about the clean eating on Instagram and use this hashtag, I will try to get back soon as soon as possible.

The project is starting from 13 November, so stay tuned in the month of November for all these awesome fun and excitement.

Until then, eat healthy, live well.


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