8 Amazing Fun Fall Activities for Whole Family

fun fall family activities
fun fall family activities

Fall is a fabulous season. The beautiful colours, the crisp air, pumpkins…I love everything about this season. The whole world turns into a beautiful canvas painted with multiple colours. The trees put on spectacular foliage display.  The sun is so perfect and big bright moons grace the autumn sky. The wind is rising and the air gets wild with leaves. I believe it is just the perfect season to try something new, something bold and beautiful. It is a time to start thinking about how you can help your kids get outdoors and take advantage of all that this amazing season has to offer.

Of course, it is hard to say goodbye to summer freedom, but we are equally excited to welcome the “prettiest weather“. And we are already geared up with a pre-preparation to enjoy the glory of great fall. Here I am sharing my favourite family fall activities. They are simple, awesome and not so expensive. You can easily enjoy them with your family.

Making a “fall bucket list”

I think writing out all the thing which we want to accomplish is the easiest way to being closer to get things which we really want. This time, I want to make a “fall bucket list” with a mixed theme “Fun while learn”. As it is the beginning of the new academic year, I want to make sure kids get involved in regular reading and learning and on another side, wonderful weather offers so much to explore outside. So we had to alternate the learning and fun activities in our “fall bucket list” to enjoy the season with maximum fun and optimum learning.

Reading autumn theme books

We just love books. It is such a great time of year to start a new journey. Reading is an essential activity to get a proper knowledge and skills. And read the “fall theme books” are the excellent way to explore the uniqueness of season. We had already picked some fall theme books. Some are funny, some are informational and even some are scary. Some of my favourite “fall theme books” are:

  • Why do leave change colour – by Betsy Maestro, an informative book which explains what happens to leave in fall as they change colour.
  • Fall leaves fall– by Zoe Hall, talk about all the things that kids can do with fall leaves.
  • Too many pumpkins– by Linda white, when a woman buries unwanted pumpkin and then she gets huge bumper crops of pumpkin next year.

Adding a “fall theme décor” to your house

I think adding a few cosy autumnal décors to your house is a perfect way to welcoming the new season. It is the simplest way to bring the warm colours of fall into your home. Changing the home décor with a fall flare will be an exciting and creative activity for kids.

There may be many different ways to decorate your house in a creative and festive way for fall. Pumpkins, pine cones, fall foliage are some of the most easily available items that can be an instant source of inspiration for easy and elegant home décor. Some of my favourite ideas for “fall theme home décor” are:

  • Making a “fall wreath” with wood slice and twigs
  • Putting beautiful fall leaves (with the twig) in the glass vase to make an elegant decorative piece.
  • Make a centrepiece for dining table with pumpkins, leaves and other fall stuff
  • Painted pumpkin in the beautiful pattern with acrylic paint
  • Add more natural and autumnal colours in home accessories
  • Make a wall piece with colourful fall leaves

Going for the nature walk

Nature is a great stress reliever. And during fall nature has an exceptional beauty to explore.  Colourful trees, fallen leaves, perfect temperature provide us with a great opportunity to explore the hidden treasure of nature. It is a right time of year to go outside and see what things you can find. It doesn’t have to be a big nature park or reserve, nature is all around us. Small Park, grassland and even your backyard may be a perfect place to explore and enjoy the ethnic beauty of nature.

Plan a fall foliage road trip

Being nature lovers, we cannot wait to get buckle up and get up close and personal with the breathtaking and panoramic view of natural beauty during this season.  During this season nature offers picturesque settings to watch and enjoy the colourful phase of photosynthesis. There are various road trip options are available to enjoy the awe-inspiring natural beauty. But make sure do a proper research and pre-parathion before planning your road trip.

Getting crafty

We love crafting as a family. Crafting is the easiest way to explore creativity and imagination power in kids. And fall is the perfect season to get creative and crafty. Nature craft supplies are the prettiest and cheapest option for crafting that we can have. And during fall they are in their best form. So with the few fall craft ideas. You can get started in no time. Especially for kids, it is an excellent opportunity to spark their imagination and feel excited about the season.

Some of all favourite fall theme crafts are:

  • Leafy animal
  • Painted acorn
  • Wall decoration with the leafy card

Here is another list of simple craft ideas that requires five supplies or less.

Explore the “fall tradition”

As we are still in an exploratory state here, we are very excited to learn about the way families in our community and beyond celebrate this season. We want to learn more about the festivals and celebrations.  And fall is the perfect time to explore the traditions and activities. So, we are ready to enjoy,

  • Apple picking in a beautiful orchard
  • Pumpkin patches
  • Enjoying the haunted hayrides
  • Attending a super cool fall festival
  • And making delicious doughnuts with apple cider

Pre-preparation for Halloween

Last but not the least if we are talking about fall fun, how we can forget the “Halloween“. Halloween is just few week away and my daughters love everything about Halloween. Spooky rhymes, scary costumes, make-up and masks, and of course Halloween parties. And this year, for avoiding the end moment tension, we had already started a pre-preparation for upcoming Halloween. Searching for a different theme, cheap costume and elegant decoration are making us super excited for celebrating the “Kids favourite festival“.

fall celebration
fall celebration

So, we are well prepared to celebrate the season of harvest and reflection.  These were our favourite “fall family activities” to enjoy the fun festivities.  What are yours? Please share with us.

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