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My Honest Product Review of 3D Rose Case for I phone 8 ( and I Phone 7) plus


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Nowadays smartphone has become an important part of our lifestyle. unlike before it is not only a device for making conversation, bit it serve various other important functions as well. we pay our bills with the smartphone, do shopping, book tickets, manage our other accounts. in fact, many of us maintain our social and professional lives with the help of it.

Sometimes during routine hectic life schedule, we just drop it a lot or may have a chance to damage it by improper handling, accidental dropping or adverse weather effects. in the scenario, it is very important that we protect our smartphone with good protection. and using a mobile cover case is a great and easy way to do it. mobile cover cases are easily available and they provide really a good level of protection to our smartphone.

How to select a smartphone cover case?

definitely, there are certain factors that should be kept in mind while selecting a mobile cover case. such as

  • what is your personal preference that includes,
  • what level of protection you want?
  • is it more about the style or protection level?
  • your budget
  • pay attention to features and functionality of the mobile cover case
  • And then do a in-depth research, to choose what will work best for you?

Nowadays there are various types of mobile cover cases available, and you can choose any of them as per your personal preferences.

Type of mobile cover cases

Basic or Slim cover cases

these are basic mobile cover cases that are usually lightweight and budget friendly. they maintain functionality of mobile very well and provide the good level of protection too.

Tough cover cases

As the name suggested, they are bulky and heavyweight and provide the extra level of protection to your cell phone. nowadays they are available in various designs.

Rugged cases

they are also heavyweight and cover the keypad ( of the smartphone) too. sometimes it disturbs the functionality of the smartphone.

luckily, a few days ago, I got a chance to review a stylish and elegant looking  3 D Rose case for I phone 7 and I phone 8 smartphone cover case. and I am really delighted with its following features.

Attractive Features

  • It is best suited for females, because of its beautiful pink colour and design.
  • the second and most important thing, I just loved the beautiful design of red rose on it. this elegant artwork makes it really unique, elegant and stylish.
  • it is lightweight and basic ( and slim) type of cover case.
  • Great in providing a good level of protection to your mobile.
  • Also, maintains the proper functionality of a smartphone.


As a conclusion, I would say,

“If you want a basic level of smartphone protection with great design and elegant look, must go for it. this mobile accessory will definitely raise your style quotient. it is a great option to protect your phone in the unique style”.


I felt, that construction material is really thin, it could have been somewhat thicker ( this thought is just based on my personal choice)

if you want to know more about this awesome mobile cover case, click here

How do you select smartphone cover cases? what is your personal preference? please share with me.


This is a sponsored post. I had received this product as free, in exchange for sharing my thought. all the expressed opinions are mine.

Will share another option for mobile cover case ( from the same company) in next post. stay tuned!






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