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My Honest Product Review- CC Sun Hat for Women (By Serenita)- Perfect Sun Protection with Stylish Design

Summer is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities with your friends and family. During summer we always had lots of exciting options (camping, bike riding etc…) to have fun and enjoyment.

Another side, sun safety is one of the most important issues that should keep in the mind, while enjoying outdoor activities during summer time.  Do you know, according to Center for disease control and prevention (CDC), Sun’s UV rays can damage your skin in as little as 15 minutes of time. And cause adverse effects on the skin.

I am sure we all are aware of the basic sun safety measures, that includes,

  • Avoid going outside during peak sun intensity hours ( when the UV rays are strongest betweeon 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.)
  • Apply sunscreen lotion with an average SPF of 15 before going outside.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, from the harmful effect of UV rays.
  • Wear comfortable and protective clothing that includes long sleeve shirts, long pants etc.
  • Wear sun hats that shade your face, ear and back of neck from harmful UV rays.

How sun hats help in protecting our skin from harmful UV rays

I believed when we talked about sun-safety, using sun hats are one of the easiest (and stylish too) ways to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. According to , sun hats help a lot in sun protection. It helps in,

  • Covering the places where it is difficult to apply sunscreen lotion (such as the back of the neck, top of ear etc.)
  • It is an effective add-on to sunscreen and gives a proper coverage to our scalp, face, eyes and other delicate structure.
  • Hats also help in keep as cool and add a style quotient to our overall look and personality.

Though there are no hard and fast rules to select good quality sun hats. Still, there are few things that should be kept in mind, while choosing the right sun hat.

UVF factor

It is one of the most important factors that help in selecting a right sun hat for you and your family. UPF is Ultraviolet protection factor (similar to SPF, sun protection factor is applied while we select a sunscreen lotion) that applies to clothing.

It is very important to check UPF rating of sun hat before buying it.


Hats with brims all around and those with angled downwards provide great UV protection. Research shows that broad brim hats provide equivalent protection to approximately 5, for the nose, face and neck areas of the body.


It should get fit comfortably to your head. It should not be too tight on your head.


Another important factor, the used fabric should provide a proper breathability.

Also, it is equally important to keep your personal preferences in mind before buying it. For example, what kind of activity will you be doing while wearing it? What level of sun protection do you want? And is it more about the style or functionality. All these factors will help you a lot to make a correct decision.

During this summer, when we as a family are enjoying lots of fun and outdoor activities, I was in search of to get a classic, and elegant woman sun hat that not only provides me a proper sun protection but works as a style accessory too.

Finally, my search reached a beautiful destination with this beautiful, embroidery, lettering floppy, wide brim sun protection hat (by senerita). This beautiful and elegant sun hat has so many excellent features that give me a great satisfaction as a customer. I am happy with its look and functionality and would love to share my experience with you all.

Product description CC sun hat for women (Embroidery lettering, floppy, wide brim sun protection by Serenita)

  • Weight- 6.3 OZ
  • Crown weight- 4 Inch
  • Brim- 4 inch
  • Circumference- 23 Inch
  • Crown diameter- 7.5 inches
  • Gender- Useful for females

Attractive Features

It has an attractive look and stylish design

The hat really has a great stylish look and elegant design. It could work as an additional stylish accessory and can give you a glamorous touch to your overall personality, instantly.

Wide Brim

As I had mentioned earlier, the wider brim is one of the most important factors that define sun protection capability of sun hats. This hat has a wider brim that will help a lot in proper sun protection.

Help in proper shading

It provides proper shading not only to your face but to your shoulders as well, from harmful UV rays.

Lightweight and easily foldable

Another great feature, it is light weighted and can be folded easily to pack up and take away. You can easily carry it for the next vacation.

Great option as a gift

Because of it elegant and beautiful look, it could be used as a great gifting option for your loved ones.

Available in various colours

It is available in various colours and I just loved the written embroidered message on it. (There are various options in coulis and message both, and you can select any one as per your choice and preference).

Adjustable straps

This is another excellent feature that I adore immensely. It has adjustable straps inside the hat and you can adjust its size as per your requirements.


I had a just only issue, with its texture. Personally, I like more rigid kind of texture in sun hats but it has a thin texture.

Other than that, I had found the all other things are up to the mark.

I had received it on time with a great and proper packaging.


As a conclusion, I would say if you looking for a beautiful, elegant and stylish sun hat that provides a good sun protection and also work as a style accessory too. Please check this out.

here is the link to know more about the product.

I am surly you will love it.

We (me and my girls) are so excited to wear it, on our next beach trip.

What are your thoughts about using sun hats? Which kind of sun hats do you prefer? Please share with me!

Disclosure– it is a sponsored post and I had received this product in exchange for review at a discounted rate. But all the expressed opinion is mine.

The post is a part of #MondayMotivation hosted by Zainab from and Neha from

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