#Slinturn3 #Blogbirthdaycelebration- “Me Time” for Mommies- 6 Creative and Easy ways for Moms to Finding Daily “Me Time”


“Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do”- Matt Walsh
Being a mommy life is not easy. We always overloaded with multitude responsibilities and duties. Hectic work schedule, school meetings, social gatherings, personal and professional commitment….a .and list goes on. And as a result, a kind of frenetic tension is a usual occurrence in every household. Stress is an inevitable part of parenting.
Even though a positive stress is good for better work performance and motivates us to deal with challenges and accomplishment of tasks, but for, moms it is never-ending. We always had tons of parental worries. We spend a large percentage of our time in caring for our kids and family.
Being a mother is learning about strengths you did not know you had, and dealing with fears you did not existed”- Linda Wooten
Parenting had lots of expectations. It is believed that a real parent is someone who always puts their child above their own needs and desires. And while doing all these we often forget to take care of own selves and as a result, suffer from stress and anxiety.
Sometimes it becomes absolutely essential to “To take more time for yourself” or “Do the things that you actually want to love to do”. giving yourself permission to get slow down and relax for few moments a day, will definitely help is reducing day to day stress and give you a fresh energy in completing all tasks and responsibilities.
I completely believed in the power of “Me Time” and I never miss a chance to carve out some quality time for myself every day. it always feels great and rejuvenated after accomplishing the things that you actually want to do.
And when I had seen the above picture as a picture prompt for Blog birthday celebration, hosted by Zainab from and co-hosted by Geethica from I just loved it.
I had thought this is a great picture to share some creative ideas for carving “Me Time” for Mommies.
Here I am sharing 5 creative ways to carving more “Me Time” for mommies. hoping you will like it.
Be creative and focus on your hobby
One of the easiest way to carve out some “Me time”, is the being creative and spends some quality time alone for your hobby. Whether it is drawing, painting, writing, crafting  and dancing or reading
….do whatever you want to do always feel refreshing and rejuvenating.
When we engaged in any form of creative activities, we had a state of complete mental involvement and this thing works like a meditation. It has a great potential to reduce stress and can alleviate the burden of various psychosomatic disorders. So mom, bring back those creative juices in your life once again and enjoy the harmony of life with peace and happiness.
Penning down your emotions
Sometimes we felt abandoned and isolated because of failures in life. Sometimes we felt a pressurised daily routine because of tons of responsibilities. Penning down your random thoughts is the easiest way to express your heart’s elation. And the good part is that when we write down what is bothering us, it makes us feel relaxed and we often get a solution of existing problem. It is similar to have a kind of heart to heart conversation with our dear one. So whenever you feel tense or frustrated try to pen down your thoughts, definitely, this is another option to have some quality “Me time” for yourself.
Talk to your family and friends
Nowadays, we live in a high tech world. A virtual world, where we know a person who is mile away from us (through internet) but we did not have any neighbourhood connection. Communication gap is the main cause of stress among family members. It is the root cause of several mental and psychological issues like Depression, sleeplessness, anxiety disorders. Constructive communication with family and friends is a great stress reliever.  discuss your problem with your friends and family, try to clear all misunderstandings, make an open heart conversation with your family and friend is the most successful strategy to combat your stress and anxiety.
Go for a nature walk
Nature is the creation of god. Scientific studies suggested that nature has a sort of healing properties, it relieves tension, anxiety and reduces blood pressure, eases the muscle tension. Taking in the sights and sounds of nature improve mood and relieve the anxiety. As a mom, we have to deal with repeatedly tasks and we often need a break. A short break as a nature walk even in your backyard had a significant psychological benefits. Nature is a positive distraction, which make us calm and happier.
Eat healthy and exercise regularly
During every day hectic life, we often get more focused on our jobs and responsibilities and involuntarily ignored our health. And this ignorance causes a wreaking havoc on our physical and mental fitness. It may cause nutritional deficiencies, muscle pain, weakness of the immune system, even a state of chronic stress that is very harmful and make our body to vulnerable to other systemic infections.  pre-plan your daily routine and schedule some time for proper healthy eating and exercise is the best way to spend some “Me time” too. it has so many mental and physical advantages for overall health and well-being.
Scientific studies suggested that exercise produces endorphins (good neurochemical) that help in building stamina and mood lifting. Even 5 minutes of aerobic exercise provides excellent health benefits. And nutritious healthy diet helps in strengthening our immune system and makes our body strong enough to deal with stress.
Moms, these were my ideas for de-stressing and taking out some “Me Time” for mommies. What are yours? Which strategies you liked most? Please share with us.
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