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#acryliccosmeticorganizer- My Honest Product Review


Being a mom life is not easy. We always had tons of duties and responsibilities.  Definitely managing household chores, kid’s responsibilities and then pursuing your own job or business is not an easy task. For completing them, we all need to wear so many hats in a single day.
Despite these duties and responsibilities, we all want that our all kinds of stuff remain organized and on the place. It sounds amazing but it can be overwhelming to keep everything in order. And very often we all struggled with these time to time. And the same thing has happened to me.
It was around a few time ago when I had started my blogging journey with an immense satisfaction and spark of creativity in my everyday life. It was quite satisfying that I had been working from home, without disturbing my parental or household responsibilities. Another side, this “work from home” had offered me, its own challenge too. Sometimes I had the hardest time to manage all the responsibilities (household, parental and my own work) together.
In fact, it was really hard to keep everything organized and on the place with the pressure of these multiple responsibilities.
It was quite upsetting for me, that my drawers are overflowing and my products scattered throughout the home.
Especially there is one area, that was pretty difficult to organize- and that was my cosmetics. I have a lot of it and I was not sure how to organize it.
 Being a mom of two cute daughters (who always love to apply and (play???) with makeup) managing my makeup products becomes the hardest job for me. It was a common scenario for me that my girls disorganized my makeup items and I have to waste my precious morning time to just search for these routine kinds of stuff.
After a period of frustration, I had thought instead of getting angry, I should try to find the better way to organize my makeup essentials. I was searching a good quality make up organizer so desperately. And finally, my search comes to an end, with this great product.
I had seen this awesome acrylic organizer here , while searching online and bought this product to resolve my disorganizing issues.
And when I had received this product, I was quite satisfied with its look and quality.
Cool Features of this product
 Here are some cool features of this product.
  • As this product help you a lot in organizing make up essentials, it will change your entire routine. You will keep your items in a safe and fixed place and make it easy to find, whenever you need it.
  • It is made up of acrylic material so it is easy to clean. You can easily keep it clean with normal water and soap solution.
  • It has a separate compartment for each cosmetic, so they fit perfectly and as it is made up of clear acrylic, you can see everything at a glance.
  • It is handy; you can move it easily from your dressing table to bathroom counter.
  • It is small in size and great in functionality, so it saves your space too.
  • It helps in keeping things organized, so it saves out time too, for getting ready especially during morning hectic hours or when you are in rush to going outside and had little time to get ready.


So as a conclusion I will say,
“If you are in a search of a lightweight, attractive and functional make up organizer, to organize your make up products and every day makes up essentials, then this is a good product and you can give it a try”. Ultimately it will make your life easier when you go to put your make up, it helps you find what you need quickly and without frustration.
Things to keep in mind while buying it
  • Take your time and have the patience to decide what type of organizer is right for you. If you had lots of cosmetics including lipsticks and nail polish, you may need a big size organizer.
  • Do a proper research before buying it.
  • This makeup organizer is small in size, so if you had lots of makeup essentials, think twice before buying it. It has good space to organize nail polish and lipsticks but had less space for putting creams, lotions or other makeup tools.
  • As I am using this product for less than 1 month, I am not sure about how durable it is?


Here is the link if want to know more about this product. #acryliccosmeticorganizer


I had received this product in exchange for review from giveaway service at a discounted rate. And all the expressed opinion is mine.


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