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The beautiful season “spring” is here. And we all are geared up to enjoy this beautiful weather with our friends and family. But unfortunately, this sudden change in temperature may cause a common cough, cold, pain in throat and other respiratory and seasonal allergies symptoms. And among this, all hoarseness or laryngitis is one of the common problems that bother so many of us. Here is a complete guide to deal with it.
What is laryngitis?
Inflammation of larynx is called laryngitis, which is usually characterised by hoarseness or loss of voice and throat pain. The larynx is also called a voice box, is an organ that joins the back of the throat to the windpipe (trachea). The larynx is an important organ that helps in respiration and phonation. It allows air to be directed into respiratory organs for gas exchange.
 It also produces vocal sounds and controls the pitch and volume of voice. It acts as a valve to close the respiratory tract and prevents the passage of food and other foreign particles into the lower respiratory tracts.
Laryngitis usually caused by excessive strain on the vocal cords or by viral or bacterial infection. Sometimes smoking, respiratory allergies, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, and use of inhaled steroids may be contributing factors.
Symptoms of laryngitis
  •          Hoarseness
  • ·         Weak voice or voice loss
  • ·         Sore throat
  • ·         Throat pain with tickling sensation and rawness in throat
  • ·         Coughing
  • ·         Slow fever
  • ·         Trouble in swallowing
  • ·         Difficult speaking with the constant need to clear your throat. it is often linked to another illness such as flu, pharyngitis or other respiratory diseases. So you might also have other symptoms such as a runny nose, headache and swollen glands.

The problem usually lasts for few days to 2 weeks at the most.  And get resolved without any serious consequences. If persists longer than this duration, it could be a case of chronic laryngitis for which you need to consult with a doctor.
Here is a list of some simple and homeopathic remedies which you can try to relieve the symptoms of laryngitis and may get your voice box back to normal.
Homeopathic treatment

Using homeopathic remedies for treating laryngitis is a good alternative treatment option. 
 Homeopathy remedies provide great relieve in laryngitis. Even though homeopathic remedies works on the basis of “Individualization” (remedy selected on the basis of individual symptoms of person), but still these are some good remedies to treat laryngitis.
  • ·         Aconite: when there is sudden onset and caused by exposure to cold wind or fright. It is best suitable for the beginning of laryngitis. Patient is restless and fearful. The mental symptoms of aconite are so prominent. Patient has “fear of death” as a strong mental symptom. He puts the finger on the clock and says that this time I will die.  If this kind of restless and fearful mental symptoms associated with laryngitis, then aconite will be the best medicine to cured the symptoms.
  • ·         Drosera- one of the top-rated homeopathic medicine for laryngitis with a nagging cough.
  • ·         Causticum- it is the best suitable remedy for laryngitis from exposure to cold air. There is paralysis of laryngeal muscles, and this remedy is one of the best “anti-paralytic remedy” is homeopathy. Raw throat, sore chest, burning mucus accumulate that is hard to expectorate are another key symptoms. Complaints get worse by dry cold winds and get better by damp and wet weather.
  • ·         Argentum Nitricum:  best medicine for hoarseness of singers and speakers. It is best suited for chronic cases of laryngitis. Patient has a typical sensation of a splinter in the throat on swallowing. Always had thick mucus in throat. Mentally had an apprehensive tendency and nervous – anxious temperament. Had a great desire for sweets.
  • ·         Arum Triphyllum– when the pain in larynx while clearing the throat. Burning sensation in the throat with swollen neck glands is another prominent symptom.
  • ·         Phosphorus- it is indicated, when violent tickling in larynx present with the rawness of throat. Patient has inflamed, sore raw larynx and cannot talk due to severe pain. Violent tickling in the throat while speaking. Tickling leads to a cough. Worse from cold air, emotions, talking, singing and relieved by cold foods.

Additional tips
  1.  Using self-care methods and general precautions may relieve the symptoms of laryngitis and reduce strain on your voice. These are:
  2. ·  Breathe moist air-use a humidifier to keep the air throughout your home or office moist. Inhale steam from the bowl of hot water or a hot shower.
  3. ·   Rest your voice as much as possible
  4. ·    Drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration (avoid alcohol and caffeine)
  5. ·    Avoid whispering as it puts more pressure than the normal speech does.
  6. ·     Avoid decongestants these can dry out your throat.
  7.      Moisten your throat try sucking on lozenges, gargling with salt water or chewing a piece of gum.

So try these wonderful home remedies to treat the annoying symptoms of laryngitis. But in spite of these measures if your symptoms did not improve within few days then do not forget to take a professional medical advice for getting relief.
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