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Childhood is the fundamental and learning phase of life.  During first few years of life children constantly explore their environment and learn new skills. And bumps, cut, scratches are part of this learning process. Childhood injuries are common especially when children learning to walk or ride a bike. But these incidents are more likely to be the kind that a kiss, hug or Band-Aid will fix, rather than a serious accident or rush to emergency unit bothers you and your little one.
In spite of best care and prevention, the accident happens. And First-aid kit is a necessity in every home, in a car and in the workplace. First aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first-aid and can be put together for the purpose by an individual or organization. Having a well-stocked first aid kit ahead of time will help you respond effectively to common childhood injuries.
As a certified homeopathic physician, I had observed great results from homeopathic medicines in first-aid treatment. It is advisable to include first-aid homeopathic medicines to your first-aid kit for better and gentle relief.
First-aid kit should contain all basic instruments such as scissor, thermometer, bulb syringe, sterile cotton balls and gauze pads, torch, gloves and basic medications. Here is a complete guide  with instruction for essentials in first aid kit. After including all these essentials in your first-aid kit, add homeopathic remedies for an ideal and rapid cure.  It is best to understand some basic homeopathic principles before using homeopathic remedies at home.
Dose and potency– it is always best to use homeopathic medicine in 6x or 30c potency (especially when used for at home treatment) to avoid worsening of existing condition and unnecessary complications.
Repetition– as a rule of thumb, in acute disease condition frequent repetitions is allowed and in chronic disease condition avoids frequent repetition. For the treatment of common childhood problems, Take 5-6 pills of indicated remedy in 30c or 6x potency; 3-4 times a day is a safest and suggested the option. But in acute disease conditions, during first 1-3 hour of treatment indicated remedy can be repeated at an interval of 15 min. for faster relief.
Here is the list and indication of common homeopathic remedies that should be included in your first- aid kit for treatment of common childhood injuries.
Arnica- Arnica is the first remedy that used as an acute emergency remedy, especially in case of trauma, fall and bruising injuries. It helps reduce shock, relive pain, swelling and other signs of inflammation. It fastens the healing process. It remarkably improves pain and bruised sensation in kids after a routine fall. It is also an excellent remedy for before and after surgical and dental treatment.
Hypericum– kids often crushed their fingers in a door while playing and it causes unbearable shooting pain. Hypericum is an excellent remedy for injuries to nerve or parts of body had riches nerve supply, such as finger, toes and spine.
Ledum pal- punctured wound (from needle, nail or sharp object) is another common childhood injury that causes agonising pain and inflammation in kids. Of course, this kind of injuries required immediate medical attention. But a dose of Ledum pal should be administered for prevention of tetanus. It is also a good remedy for insect bites. Sharp shooting pain and coldness of affected part (but relived by a cold application) are the main indication for selection of this remedy.
Ruta– Ruta is a great remedy for all kinds of sports injuries. It can be used successfully in the treatment of injuries to ligament, tendon, periosteum or lining of the bone. Any injury to knee, thigh or elbow, when ligament or tendon pulled out, can be greatly helped by this remedy.
Calendula- it is a “Homeopathic antiseptic remedy” and must be a part of a first-aid homeopathic kit. The most common indication for use of calendula is whenever skin surface is broken and the wound is developed, it works great. It inhibits infection and promotes the healing process. It can be used internally as well as externally in the form of mother tincture or lotion.
Symphytum– it is a great “bone remedy” that help the fracture to heal more quickly. It is necessary to do all routine medical procedures (x-ray, splinting or surgery according to condition) in case of broken bone, but as an alternative medicine Symphytum gives a wonderful result.
Rhus tox- it is also known as “poison ivy”. It is another amazing remedy for the sprain, shoulder, back and neck injuries, especially when characteristic symptom “worse from first motion and relived by continuous motion is present”. The patient is usually chilly and complaint worse by cold weather.
External application– even though basic homeopathic principle emphasis on internal administration of indicated remedy but nowadays certain medicines are available in the form of a gel, ointment or spray for external application to fasten the cure.
These are:
 Calendula– acts as an antiseptic and available in the form of spray, gel, and ointment and mother tincture. It has great skin healing properties and has a soothing effect on cuts, sores and general skin abrasion.
Arnica– it is available in the form of gel and ointment. Arnica gel is quickly absorbed by the skin and has a cooling effect for fast pain relief. It reduces muscle pain and stiffness due to overexertion and minor injuries.
Hypericum– it is useful for the treatment of deep cuts. It has the power to close open wounds and heal the internal structure.
Note- mother tincture should be diluted with water before application for the better result.
So these are the basic homeopathic medicines that should be a part of the first-aid homeopathic kit. If you had a holistic approach to health care and want to get a gentle and ideal cure, include these sweet tiny pills in your first aid kit and enjoy a healthy and happy life with positivity.
Do you have any experience with homeopathic medicines in the treatment of common childhood injuries? Do share with us. Until then, eat healthy and live well!
Disclaimer– the article is for informational purpose only not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease.
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