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Yes! It is day 4, alphabet “D”, and in today’s post, I will share “Dispensing of homeopathy medicine”. In simple words, how the homeopathic medicines (in which medium) prescribed?
But before moving on this step, I would like to complete the yesterday’s process. After case taking, how homeopathic therapists select a remedy?
After a long, detailed and proper case taking, the actual task of therapist gets started. “The correct selection of homeopathic remedy” is one of the most important steps that define the good result and ideal cure in given case.
For the selection of correct medicine, “The law of similar” came into the action. And the qualified homeopathic therapist gets involved in the process to match the symptoms of the patient with the symptoms of remedy. For that purpose, he mainly used three things,

Homeopathic Materia medica

 It is a book of collection of homeopathic medicine with all symptoms, with the help of this book therapist matches the symptoms of patient and symptoms of remedy, the remedy that covered most symptoms, is called the “Similimum” and prescribed to the patient for getting a good result.
Organon of medicine
It is homeopathic therapeutic book that helps in deciding the potency (power) and repeat ion of selected medicine.
It is another homeopathic therapeutic book, that helps in medicine selection (nowadays, computerised repertories are available that can help a lot in the proper selection of remedy)
After the selection of a correct remedy, it is time to dispense the homeopathic medicine.

How the homeopathic medicines are dispensed or administered?
Homeopathic medicines are usually dispensed in three forms,
 These are sweet tiny sugar pills that most commonly used as a medium to dispense the homoeopathic medicine. Everyone, especially kids loved it. This medium makes the homeopathy, a gentle form of treatment. (Globules are just the medium, the actual medicines come in liquid form that poured on the globules)
This is the second most common medium to dispense the homeopathic medicine. Liquids have strong, pungent taste and smell. In some case, they are more effective than the globules. It is very important to store liquid properly and keep away them from strong smelling substances and cosmetics, otherwise, they can get evaporate.
Mother tincture or Q
This is the crude and most strong form of dispensing homeopathic medicine. It is so bitter in taste, and homeopaths used them in certain cases. It is always advisable to take Q under proper medical guidance; otherwise, it may cause unwanted and serious side effects.

Practical tips
Here are some practical tips, regarding using homeopathic medicines.
  • Always follow your physician’s direction regarding dose and repetition of medicines.
  • Never take medicines on hands; it may reduce the efficiency of homeopathic medicine.
  • Always take medicine when your mouth is clean. Do not eat anything before or after taking homeopathic medicine (at least for 15-20 minute)
  • Store them properly; otherwise, they can lose their efficacy.
  • Avoid using onion, garlic, coffee and other strong smelling substances, this substance may reduce the actual effect of the prescribed homeopathic remedy.

So it is all for now, stay tuned to get more interesting information about the homeopathy.
Will try to cover each and every aspect of homeopathy, in this series. And hoping it will help a lot to all.
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