#WhatILove- “Three Prominent Reasons, “How Smartphone are ruining our Valentine’s day Celebration?”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!
Before beginning this post, I had an honest confession. Though feeling little hesitant to say, it is true that
  • §  I have smartphone addiction.
  • §  I took the help of smartphone, whenever I feel depressed and sad (by keeping engaging my selves on various social media accounts and writing assignments …I know it is not right. But sometimes I have done this)
  • §  Especially since last 3 year, I had developed the tendency to check frequently my emails, messages unnecessarily. (It is not an excuse…but sometimes living in extremely bad weather conditions makes you do these silly things).

Ok…feeling relieved…now move on the main topic of the post…
Valentine’s Day is here. Love is in the air and we all are geared up to celebrate this festival of love with full enthusiasm. Though I personally believed that a single day celebration is not enough to express our love and care for dear ones…and I am not a typical party person…and the same thing I had shared in the last post, “3 reasons, why I do not like to celebrate Valentine’s day in a typical way?”
Now, this week when Zainab has given a good prompt as “are smartphones are ruining Valentine’s Day celebration”, as a part of #what love series, I would love to share my thought on the same topic ( also, the post is a part of #Mondaymommymomets, where we are sharing our thoughts on celebrating Valentine’s day since last 2 week)
No doubt, smartphones have become so ingrained in our daily life. It has made lots of things much easier than before. They give us unprecedented access to information that was incomprehensible even years ago. 
Another side, like everything, has its both positive and negative side…smartphones also have same.  And when it comes, to running the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s Day, I completely agreed that smart phone. In true sense, the excessive and uncontrolled usage of smartphones are ruining our valentine’s day, and there are 3 prominent reasons, how smartphones (actually, the excessive and uncontrolled usage of the smartphone) are ruining our V-day celebration.

 It creates a sort of emotional distraction with our loved ones

We lived in an age of constant distraction. And most of us are constantly engaged with our smartphone (due to various personal and professional commitments).  And unconsciously, When we are in the mode of this constant distraction, we lose the emotional connection with our loved one. We forget to pay a proper attention to emotional needs of our partner. In fact, scientific studies, prove the same thing. According to a recent scientific study done by Andrew K. Przybylski and Netta Weinstein of the University of Essex showed that smartphone addiction can hurt our close relationship and creates a sort of emotional distraction from each other.
Even during the V-day celebration, couples had the same emotional disconnection with other. The smart phone is a destroyer of loving relationship and intimacy and ultimately these things ruined the spirit of celebration of Valentine’s Day too.

We forget to enjoy the moment

Nowadays, we compulsively carry our smartphone with us wherever we go, and this device, demanding our attention multiple times. Even during Valentine’s date, we have the same thing as a priority that our mobile alerts and notification are urgent and more important no matter what is the occasion? For us, Instead of enjoying the moment it becomes more important to post a Facebook update about of your Valentine’s Day dinner or sharing the V-day look on Instagram? Our instant temptation to share things immediately on social media causes us to forget to enjoy and embrace the moment.
 It is a harsh truth, that we are prioritizing the virtual world and digital life over anything else. Inevitably, excessive smartphone use drives us away from each other, and we forget to enjoy the moment.

Loss of communication

Smartphone obsession deeply and negatively affects our communication with our partner. It hinders the ability to make more personal and meaningful communication with each other and reduces a desire to spend quality time together. Nowadays, with smartphone obsession, we always place more emphasis on our digital life and lose the sight of the beauty of relationship.


As a conclusion, “ constantly keep engaged yourself on the smartphone screen can tear you away from the action around you and as a result of this obsession not only ruin a single Valentine’s day celebration, but it can adversely affect our relationship, our lives as well”.
v  We all need to learn “how to maintain a balance between a real and virtual world?”
v  We need to plan a “digital detox” from time to time?
v  It is a high time to be strict and design a proper guideline for avoiding this smartphone addiction.
What are your thoughts? Are you planning to take a break from the smart phone, during the V-day celebration? Or it sounds really hard for you? Please share your thoughts!

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