#Blogchatterprojects, #HealthisDiamond- Three common obstacles to adopting a healthy lifestyle and How to overcome them?

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a something that everyone wants to achieve. However, the pathway to good health is not as easy as sound. And most of us had some common circumstances.
Such as,
Oh! I had tried to get up early, I had set the alarm with a plan to hit the gym or for the morning walk, I done my all possible effort to maintain a regular physical activity schedule, yet somehow the best laid plans go awry”.

I had made a New Year resolution to shed off those extra pounds by eating healthy and regular exercise, but deadlines and obligations get piled up, I am barrelling from one thing to the next without time to catch my breath”

“I had planned a strict diet schedule this weekend with lots of veggies and fruits, it is just the middle of the week, and I am feeling down on myself and losing motivation to eat healthy”

Do these situations sound familiar? All these circumstances are so common and most of us faced them during routine hectic life schedule. These kinds of situations create a barrier to leading a healthy as well happy lifestyle for most of us.
Personally, I had faced these kinds of obstacles so many times (still, the battle is on, I am trying to overcome them, with my best possible efforts). These things felt like a failure and most of us felt that “living a healthy lifestyle” is really heard.
But now when we had a strong motivation to make health as a first priority and we do believe that #healthisDiamond, it is must to understand these common obstacles and how to overcome them?


We lived in an incredibly busy world. We always had tons of personal, professional, social responsibilities. And during routine hectic life schedule, sometimes finding time for a healthy lifestyle can feel almost impossible,
Sometimes, it is really hard to carve out the time for all the things that really matter to you or you actually want to do that. So, yes! It is true that Lack of time and pressure of multiple responsibilities is the major obstacle that creates a barrier to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And like all other moms, I also had faced the same issue especially after being a mommy.


v  Of course, we have to learn some time management strategies for carving out a good time for eating healthy and maintaining a regular exercise schedule.
v  Pre-planning and prior scheduling is the best thing that helps a lot, pre-plan your whole week with a moderate attitude.
v  Use your in-between time slot smartly with small steps such as take staircase instead of lift, do some easy yoga moves while watching TV or cooking.
v  Always focus on enjoying each change you have made and make some time for it, but it doesn’t have to be as miserable as it’s made to be getting the results.
v  Go on slow and replace one unhealthy habit with a healthy one at one time. Try to make these changes a part of your life with positivity.
v  Surround yourself with positive people who already following a healthy lifestyle and try to learn from them, that how they are managing all things together.
These are the smallest things that will help a lot in removing the first obstacle. Right now, I am working on all these things gradually. And with the help of these tactics, I am getting desired results.

Get bored easily

Of course, living a healthy lifestyle requires certain changes, rules and regulation. It needs a constant motivation to do right things, at right time. And most of the people did not find it interesting and get bored with a strict schedule.  This attitude becomes a second major obstacle that put a barrier between you and healthy lifestyle.


v  Being creative and add some interesting flavour to your healthy lifestyle routine is must to keep the spirit alive. And we can do it by making some simple changes such as:
v  It is not necessary that healthy diet should be always a boring and tasteless diet; you can do a healthy makeover of your favourite dish by adding some healthy ingredients. Also, with the help of changing the method of cooking (steaming or baking instead of deep frying) could make a major difference.
v  In the same way, for regular exercise chooses the activity that you enjoy. Make variation in your workout routine; take the help of family members and friends to make it interesting. Always explore the new options for exercising.
These things will definitely help to get rid of boredom and you would be better able to follow a healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude.

Overloading information (but not correct direction)

With the latest technological development, we had an abundance of information about living a healthy lifestyle. Each day we heard about the “latest diet plan for fast weight loss” or “latest gadget “to lose weight fast, with this overflowing information, it becomes nearly impossible to know what is right and appropriate for us? I think this is another obstacle that creates a state of confusion for most of the people, who had a strong desire to live a healthy lifestyle but did not have correct knowledge and direction to follow it.


v  Educate yourself and avoid follow the blind advice from your friend, neighbours and other non-reliable sources is the best thing that can make our path a little easier.
v  Keep remember that “each one has a different body type and the diet and exercise that may have worked for someone, may go against you”.
v  Do not hesitate to ask for professional help if you are too confused and have no idea about how to begin? Also, if you already had any pre-existing disease condition, it is always advisable to take a professional medical advice for avoiding any serious consequences.
Apart from these major 3 obstacles, most of us faced some common psychological issues like feeling deprived. Having a lack of constant motivation and unable to maintain an ideal balance while living a healthy lifestyle. And all these things can be solved with a proper analysis and a little pre-planning.
So, at the end of this post, I would love to know about your experience. What are the obstacles you had faced while trying to live a healthy lifestyle? How had you overcome them? Please share with us!
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