#CleanUpCashOut – This is how “Cashify” has helped me to complete my “minimalistic Journey”

Though it has been said the “resolutions are made to be broken…”, but I believed making the resolution and trying to complete them is the easiest way to achieve your life goals. Birthday resolution or New Year resolution, they always help us to live a more productive life with positivity and optimism.
This year, I had made a resolution about “living a simple and minimalistic lifestyle”. And I had tried to adopt this way of living not only for materialistic things but in other areas of life as well. According to Wikipedia, “simple living is characterised by individuals being satisfied with what they have rather than what they want. It is often associated with increased self-sufficiency. Simple living is distinct from those living in forced poverty, as it is a voluntary lifestyle.
The people who adopts this way of living may have different personal reasons. Such as health, spirituality, want to increase more quality time with family and friend, maintain a balance between work-family life balance and of course at the end for reducing all sorts of tension and anxiety.
For me, it was an effort to live a more balanced and peaceful life style. I had noticed that when we have clear and clutter free surrounding, we all would be able to focus better. And decluttering your house and keep only required things not only help in clearing your surroundings but it improves all other areas of life (such as relationship, mental wellbeing) as well.
So to working towards my goal of “being minimalistic” and “living a simpler life style”, I had started:
  • Focus on one room or one zone at a time, with proper planning. I believed getting organised, decluttering and creating more minimalist home and life can and should be done slowly with a series of small section.
  • I had sorted the all things into categories like recycle, donate, or give to a friend. And the same principle I had applied to categorise the stuffs like cloths, toys etc. though it was hard to throw away some old things, but I had done this to keep only those things in house, which are necessary.
  • The process starts from bathroom, bedroom, living room, and then ends with kitchen, balcony area. I had sorted all kinds of useless stuff from each room. And according to their type (recycling, donating or putting into trash), I had tried to make my home decluttered and organised. The process was hard in the kitchen, as like all other families I too had lots of stuff in kitchen that was difficult to categorise. But, with full patience and commitment, I had done the declutching and re-organising task.

I was feeling relaxed and chilled that I am on the way to complete my journey of being minimalistic. But I did not know, that “picture abhi baaki Hai mere dost…” as soon as I was in the mood to get entered into the mode of celebrating the “decluttering and organising house”, my husband has come with an old box in his hand and with a naughty smile on the face.
“Look, what I had gotten in this old box?”
“I had asked suspiciously “what is this..?”
He has said “old, not in used collection of mobile…”
“Oh! Just forget about this box, while doing cleaning and decluttering”…I had said in low tone. My enthusiasm of complete decluttering the house, come to a lower level.
“Oh! I am feeling so disappointed. My decluttering journey will not be complete. What will we do to these old mobiles? I had started a series of questions to my husband.
And he was just looking towards me, with a silent face.
“Why are you not responding to my questions?” this time I was in an upset mood.
“Do not get upset, I had a solution of this problem, I know about a great website called “cashify”, the website is used to sell, your old electronics gadgets such as old phone, laptop TV, and other electronic equipment’s at a better bargain price and with less time. They are on the mission to simplifying the way people sell their old gadgets. Just select your device and they will provide you best price in the least amount of time and effort, depends on your gadget’s condition.
 As long as you share correct information about your gadget, you will get the instant quote and sell in 60 sec. and you can get the instant cash on your doorstep, without any extra tension.” They say “when we say selling simplifying, we mean it. It is a completely hassle-free and safe process”. You can use CLEANCASH code to get extra 250 rs on the sale of your gadget. You can schedule free pick up according to your choice. And there is a supporting customer care (support@cashify.in) and a phone (91 9555-657) is available to answer your all quarries. My husband has explained everything about cashify in detail.
I became super excited to learn about this latest way to sell your old gadgets. I had planned immediately to sell my old mobiles with the help of cashify. And I had an inner peace not only to sell my old mobiles but the completing my “being minimalistic” as well.
So, if you are planning or struggling to sell your old electronic device, you can trust https://www.cashify.in/ and sell your device with minimum effort, less tension and least amount of time. It is #CleanUpCashout

And You will get an additional 250 Rs. discount on the sale of your gadget, just use code CLEANCASH

Did you have heard about this website? What was your experience? Please share with us!

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