Day 7 #writebravely #writeproblogger- “5 Amazing DIY Bookmark- A Cool Craft Activity for This Fall Break”

We love reading and crafting as a family. Creative activities are the easiest way to develop imagination power and critical thinking skills in kids. These activities play a great role in emotional, social and cognitive development.
The bookmark is a perfect craft that goes well with both reading and crafting activities. It is “a strip of leather, cardboard or other material used to mark one’s place in a book”. According to Wikipedia, the earliest existing bookmark dates from the 6th century AD and it is made of ornamented leather with vellum on the back.
This fall break, we had thought why not made a collection of the bookmark by using different (available at home) supplies. Here I am sharing some super easy DIY bookmarks which we had made. Hope you would like it.
Bookmark from old pictures:
1.       cardboard (cut in rectangular and desired shape)
2.       Pictures cut from old magazines
3.       Glue, yarn or lace
Instructions: cut the pictures of anything (which you like) from old magazines, newspaper, even from old greeting cards. We had selected some cute gift box pictures. Cut the cardboard in the rectangular shape. Glue the pictures in an attractive manner. Add yarn or lace at the top. A cool bookmark is ready to use.
Snowman bookmark:
1.       construction paper
2.       Yarn or lace
3.       Scissor, glue, glitter, and other decorating material
Instruction: draw and cut different body parts of a snowman on construction paper (white for trunk and face, red for hat, orange for a nose, blue for the scarf and black for eyes).Glue this part on the different sheet. Add yarn at the top. Decorate with glitter or other materials. Cute snowman bookmark is ready.
Heart shaped bookmark: bookmark can be made in different shapes. This time, we had tried heart shape.
1.       Construction Scissor
2.       Paper and drawing sheet
3.       Glitter, Yarn or lace
Instruction: draw and cut the heart shape from red colour drawing sheet. Write down any message on construction paper (cut it in the heart shape but in a smaller size) then glue it on the bigger heart. Add yarn or lace at the top. Beautiful heart shaped bookmark is ready.
Bookmark from old fabric scrap or decorative lace: we all have old fabric scraps at our home. Why not recycle it in a creative way. Bookmark from old fabric is a cool idea for that.
1.       Cardboard (cut in rectangular shape)
2.       Old fabric scraps or decorative lace
3.       Hot gun glue
4.       Yarn or lace
I     Instruction: cut the cardboard in rectangular and desired shape. Collect the piece of old fabric scraps or old lace and glue it on the piece of cardboard in an attractive manner. We had used a beautiful lace from an old dress. Add yarn at the top. An amazing bookmark is ready to use.

Bookmark from Popsicle stick: Popsicle is most versatile and inexpensive craft material to create easy crafts for kids. This time we had used it as a base for the bookmark.
1.       Popsicle stick
2.       Piece of cardboard
3.       Glue
4.       Scissor
5.       Stickers or other decorating material
Instruction: Draw, colour and cut anything on cardboard. Flower was our choice. Glue it on Popsicle stick. Decorate with stickers or other decorative material. Add yarn or lace at the top. Nice Popsicle bookmark is ready to use.
So these were our collection of bookmarks with different supplies. And I think it is cool creative activity to develop creativity and imagination power in kids.   What is yours? Do not forget to share. Until then happy crafting!
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