#writebravely #writeproblogger- 5 Prominent Reasons Why Should you Spend More “Me Time”?

 I had been really busy for the last few days. Being on a hectic schedule, I was busy in completing various personal and professional commitments. And luckily I had completed most of them, despite completing so many tasks I was feeling irritable and restless. Even at night, I wouldn’t be able to slow down and relax. I thought, “What’s the matter with me?”  In the first instance, I wouldn’t be able to recognise the real cause behind it, but later I realized that it is all because of not getting enough “me time”. During these days, when I was constantly interacting with others and constantly processing new information, I didn’t get enough time to explore the things that I had created. I am sure I am not the only person who finds himself mentally overwhelmed and physically exhausted. Most of the people had same emotion during routine hectic life schedule.
Yes! It is true that we lived in the incredibly busy world; we always had multiple responsibilities and duties. We always had so much going on in our life. In fact, when we are not doing something it feels that we are wasting our time and not utilising it properly. But did you know, constantly being on in life is not good for our physical and mental health. It may put a negative impact on our overall wellbeing.
Alone time is so different than loneliness. Many people are incredibly against for being alone. They always spend their time and money running away from being alone. There is a difference between “Loneliness” and “spending me time”.

Loneliness Vs spending me time

Of course, we all seem to be afraid of loneliness. Loneliness is more associated with a feeling of sadness and depression, and sometimes you could have people around you throughout the day, but still, you experienced a sense of loneliness. It can have a serious detrimental effect on physical and mental health. While spending more “me time” does not necessarily being lonely. In fact, it can improve your mood and bring positivity in your attitude. You will have greater stamina and better ability to concentrate. It is something that can help you avoid irritability, constant fatigue and day to day stress.
Here are 5 prominent reasons why should you spend more “me time”:

Spending more me time allows you to think more precisely and clearly

“Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world, so I can hear my own- Oprah

When we are engaged in our day to day responsibilities and commitments, it is often difficult to get enough time for think deeply and precisely. During hectic routine schedule, we just want to complete our duties, but this thing lessons our creativity and put a negative impact on our productivity as well. By carving some quality time for yourselves, you will get an opportunity to think deeply and precisely. And this thing will help in other areas of life so well.

You will have better problem-solving skills and improve concentration

“To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do to this you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solution”- Deepak Chopra

We often find ourselves overwhelmed with things we want to do, we ought to do and we need to do. We always had massive amounts of information coming through surrounding. And this constant flow of information distracts us to find an effective solution to our problems. Taking some “me time” can help you to improve concentration and enable you to find the better solution for your problems.

It will improve your physical and mental health

“We need solitude because when we are alone, we’re free from obligations, we don’t need to put on a show, and we can hear our own thoughts”- Tamim Ansari

It is true that we all are bounded to push yourself to some extent for completing personal and professional responsibilities. But when the longtime you did not get enough time for yourself may cost you in the end. You may suffer from various physical disorders such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and various psychological disorders such as depression, insomnia, anxiety etc.
Scheduling a little time can provide some real benefit to your physical and mental health. It will reduce your day to day stress and play a vital role in the prevention of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Mentally, it helps in reducing depression, anxiety and mental fatigue. Usually most of the people experience improves memory, concentration power and better sleep after taking out some me time.

You will have better relationship with others

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you”- Anne Lamott

We always surrounded by the people who constantly need our time and attention. It could be your spouse, kids, friends or colleagues. But unfortunately, it is not always possible to provide your 100% to any relationship. The constant demands often put a state of stress and misunderstanding in our relationship. While taking out some me time, allows you to think who are you? What you want to get in your life as an individual? And what are your expectations from a relationship? It will also help you in clearing the misunderstandings by giving a proper and precise thought to an existing condition. So, in the long term, you will feel that you had a better relationship with others and your quality of relationship has enhanced.

You will learn a new way to live life with happiness and contentment

“The way we spend our time defines who we are”- Jonathan Estrin

Sometimes taking out time for yourself can leave you feeling guilty. You may feel that you are not doing your work or not spending enough time with your family. But believe me, it is not waste of time. It is so mandatory and vital to living a happier and more productive life. We need to understand one thing that life is not a  race, it is not just about achieving one goal and then setting next one. It is a beautiful journey and we should try to enjoy each and every moment of it.  Spending some time alone helps you in doing that. You will learn a new way of living a life. Of course, that is more productive and fulfilling.
Here are few simple tips that can help you carve some “me time”-
  • ·         Get up little early in the morning before everyone else and spend some quality moment with yourself. Practising meditation, yoga or just a simple prayer with gratitude are some easy ideas to start your day. You will have increased feeling of self-esteem, better stamina and more positivity throughout the day, by doing this simple 2-5 minute routine.
  • ·         Get unplugged from social media. And turn off the electronic devices (TV, phone etc.) and allow yourself to think for a few minutes. These few minutes of alone time will help you feel relaxed, calm and more productive.
  • ·         Pre-plan you’re “me time”, like any other important things. Try to do things that you love to do. Spend some time for doing things which you love to do, make you feel happy and refreshed.
  • ·         Use power of imagination. Close your eyes and imagine walking along a white sandy beach or admiring a field of wildflowers, will help you to ease your stress, boost your mood and improve your health.
  • ·         Close your door if you want to spend “me time” at home. And make everyone aware that you don’t want to be disturbed for few minutes until and unless there is an emergency.
  • ·         Turn your exercise or workout time as a “me time” and try to be mentally calm and peaceful during this time. This will help to reduce your physical and mental stress level.

Keep remember that the busier you are, the more likely you are to benefit from some “me time”, so try to schedule me time and let me know how better you are feeling. What are your favourite ways to spend “me time”? Please share with us.
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