#HalfGirlfriend- “A Difficult Journey to Beautiful Destination”

Relationships are the true blessing of god. Of course, good relationships do not just happen. They take time, trust, care and patience of two people. And we all want to get that greatest gift of god as a loving relationship in our life. It is true that we all had a hidden desire to get that special person in our life that is right for us.
It has been said that best relationship are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship, but sometimes it is difficult to name a relationship. Because give a name to a relationship limits the ways in which you can admire or love someone. In fact, sometimes it is a complex state of emotions and relations. Is it friendship, girlfriend/boyfriend or “Half girlfriend or half boyfriend”?
Yes! It may sound strange, and it is not an identified noun in dictionary, but latest upcoming movie from Balaji production “Half girlfriend” (based on the novel of famous author Chetan bhagat) has suddenly rememorized me a tale of two besties, who were in the same state as the movie’s lead character Ria and Madhav.
 It is a surprising emotional element of life that makes us confused about the naming of a relationship. It is not just the friendship, it is more than friendship. It is not love; it is less than the love. Confused? Me too. Would love to share a true story of two best friends, and they will help us to explore the true meaning of this new relationship, just like ria and  Madhav had done in movie “Half girlfriend”.
The whole story began years ago when Sia and Sagar were the kids, they were the best childhood friend. Their friendship was unique in many ways. And the one thing, that makes it most especial was the “Love for music”. They used to sing together, dance together… for Sagar, it was just for fun, but for Sia, it was “Passion”. She has an only dream of becoming a world-class singer since early childhood. She often says to Sagar, “I will be the greatest rock-star one day”, and you will be in the line to take my autograph.
The days turned into weeks, and weeks turned to couple of months and then years. Now they were the grown-up. Their friendship has bloomed beautifully in these past years. For Sagar, it is always about Sia, her liking, her desires.  Her ambitions were the most important thing in his life. He always wants to see Sia happy. In fact, he can do anything to fulfil the smallest wish of Sia. But for Sia, it is always more about the music. Yes! She also liked him a lot…but it was not love. Actually speaking, it wasn’t even just a like. She has no idea what she felt about him.
One day, Sagar has expressed his love to Sia with a proposal of marriage. Sia was shockingly surprised with his proposal. Yes! She liked Sagar…as a friend, no not just a friend…he was more than a friend. She loves him. No less than a feeling of love. It was a state when she could him a “half boyfriend”, a state when it is difficult to define the true naming and true meaning of a relationship, (the same thing that happened in the movie half girlfriend). She has not replied to Sagar. She wants more time to think about their relationship. For her, still her “love for music” was the first priority.
Very soon, she has gotten a golden opportunity and she has got the much-awaited admission in World Music Institute New York. It was like dream come true for her, and without taking much time, she moved from India to America. She wants to complete her childhood dream, but still, Sagar, his friendship, his proposal was the biggest thing, that she was missing in her journey.
As usual, Sagar was the happiest person to hear this grand news. He has supported Sia’s decision as a friend; he wants all deserving success and happiness for Sia, but yes! He has a pain deep inside the heart. He still waiting for the day, when their relationship reaches a state from “Half boyfriend” to boyfriend.
Days passed with flying speed, Sia has completed her music education and very soon she has gotten some great opportunity as an upcoming singer. She was enjoying her success; it was the absolute pleasure for her to live her childhood dream to fullest. People has started recognised her as a “rock star”…everything was great, but still, she was missing something. It was a sense of incompleteness that was paining inside her heart. Initially, she wouldn’t be able to felt the exact essence of that emotion, but very soon she has realised it is a perfect time to complete a relationship, it is the time to express her love, care and emotion to her childhood buddy, it is the time to give a more correct name to her relationship. It is the time to make a “half boyfriend” to……now; she wants to share this perfect name with the perfect person only.
So it was a beautiful story that truly sums up the sentiment of “Dost se Jayda, girlfriend/boyfriend se kam”. Of course, a relationship gets complete when both people involved are committed to each other, but a story of a half relationship is unique in many ways. It is always interesting to see that journey when a half relationship reaches to its perfect destination.
So, if you want to feel the same adventure as we had in the story of Sia and Sagar must watch “Half girlfriend”. It will be an amazing experience to see a story of a unique relationship, a story of never give up.
I am sharing a half relationship story at blogadda   in association with #HalfGirlfriend

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