“Nasreen-An Inspiring Story”- Incredible Life Lessons in Less than 5 Minutes

It was a routine weekend, and I was feeling more tired and exhausted because of hectic life routine and never-ending responsibilities. While seeping my cup of tea, I was making as the usual conversation with my selves “Oh! It’s Saturday, but it’s not my holiday”. I have to do all routine household chores again. And with this, though, a chain of thoughts has started again,
  • ·         I am feeling so exhausted
  • ·         I did not get enough time for my selves
  • ·         Sometimes I feel really bored with monotonous routine and I want a change in my life
  • ·         I am feeling so pressurised with this endless responsibilities and I am missing mom-dad and old days too much.

As I was busy with my selves doing this typical conversation and picked my phone for routine surfing. And this youtube video has drawn my attention immediately. The video is from popular TV series “Rodies”, is a story of acid attack survivor “Nasreen”.
The video has a story of a Girl Nasreen, who is not only an acid attack survivor but has a long story of family, relationship struggle as well. As she started her conversation by saying “I will be happy always”, we did not get an idea about the things which she narrated subsequently. As she said, she does not have her own mom-dad, and her stepmom had never given her true love of mom, and then after getting married her husband had always fought with her and done an acid attack on her. Even after an attack, she has not gotten a family support. She has to stay at “Khandar” for self-survival. The acid attack causes lots of severe infection in her body. And she has done her treatment even operations by her own. She has 2 daughters and still, she is struggling with their custody.
At the end, she says “itna hone ke baad bhi, mai kabhi dari nahi, abhi bhi mujh me himmat baaki hai”. As I had watched this less than 5-minute video, I get tears in my eyes involuntarily. And very soon, I had rememorized the complaints which I was making. I had thought in a moment, “With the grace of god, I have loving, caring family. My mom-dad, brother, husband all love me so much. I have two absolutely adorable daughters…house…All Morden eminites…Holidays…I am physically fit, good qualified, have very good friends, visited numerous beautiful places, have various personal and professional achievements…and still, I am complaining that “Oh! I am feeling board…blah blah blah…”
After watching this video, I was feeling so small and insignificant. I was feeling ashamed and embarrassed with a sense of guilt that has touched to the deep soul. I think it’s not only me but lots of people who most of the time makes complain about their life, in spite of getting blessed with multiple things. This woman has not only make me cry but has taught me few incredible life lessons in less than 5 minutes.

Most of the time when we get stuck with any problem (whether it is the change of location or poor grades of our kids) we lost our courage so easily. We tend to make the usual list of complaints. But this video has taught me, that what could be the level of problems? And still which kind of courage she has shown? Indeed, “Be courageous” in whatever the situation, is the first life lesson that I had learnt from her.
Of course, we all know “Being positive and optimistic” is the key to living a happy and successful life. But how many of us really followed this mantra. Most of us had a tendency to see the half empty side of the glass (even on very small matters), but this woman has taught the true meaning of “Positivity”. As she says “I will always be happy” with a bright smile and happy face, this gesture inspires us instantly. If someone who had tolerated so much negativity in her life, but still showing a positivity and optimism, then why cannot we follow the same thing?
The third and most important thing that she had taught me the “Gratitude” towards life. I believed “Gratitude” is one of the most important gesture that most of us missing in our life. We had beautiful blessings of god in our life but we often forget them. We tend to make numerous complaints in spite of having a blessed life. But this girl has rememorized the important of having this gesture in our life. She has tolerated lots of suffering in her life, physically, mentally as well as emotionally. But still, she has a sense of gratitude towards life. Her personality has a glory of this gesture.

Last but not the least her “Never give up” attitude was the most remarkable thing that has to make me inspired and motivated. I know as a mom, as a wife and as an individual we all had some bad days. Sometimes, we just feel unlucky and had a low self-esteem. So, I had gotten my inspiration and motivation through this way. I salute her spirit of bravery and fight. She has made my day with positivity and optimism. I had learnt some incredible life lessons from her in less than 5 minutes. What are your thoughts? Are you getting the same feeling as I get? Please share!

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