10 “Positive Parenting Quotes” that Inspire you Instantly

Parenting is a hilarious journey. Raising the kids is one of the toughest but fulfilling jobs in the world. And being a mom of two cute dolls I am enjoying this thrilling ride with powerful mixed of emotions every day. There are many moments when my dolls are utterly delightful and give me an immense sense of pride and joy instantly, but there are some days when our kids seem to push our buttons and it is difficult to be the calm and patient parent that we usually are on good parenting days. During those days I have really no idea that how am I going to make it until their bedtime. The constant demand, the needs makes me crazy sometimes.

 Whenever I am feeling close to losing it myself, I often prefer to use some relaxing techniques. I try to carve out more me time. Think of something inspiring to calm myself down really helps me a lot. And reading the positive inspiring quotes is one of my favourite strategies that moved me in positive direction instantly.
 Sometimes, little words of wisdom can go a long way. I believed that “positive parenting quotes” are the great tool to positively influence your thinking and helps a lot to survive on bad parenting days. Here I am sharing a handful of my favourite quotes, hoping it will help bring a little perspective and inspiration to all of us. And you would also enjoy it.
1.       Being a parent we always want to make our kids just perfect and expect the most correct things from them.  As parents, we always had never ending expectations from our kids. But do not forget making mistakes is a human nature. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes, but more important is to learn from these mistakes. So apart from being a perfectionist, it is equally important to gain the trust of our kids. It is very important to build a trustworthy relationship with our kids.
“To gain the trust of our kids, to teach them to confide in you about their mistakes…otherwise, we had lost them”.

2.      It is all right to be a caring parent and plan a bright future for our kids. But it is also equally important to make them live their childhood to fullest. Once it has gone…it will never come again.
“We worry what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today
3.      We are busiest parent, we are always in hurry, and we just want to achieve everything.  As a parent we become jaded and need something spectacular to amaze them, but children find delight in everything around them. To them, every little thing is wondrous because they are still in learning and exploratory stage.
“There are no seven wonder of the world in the eyes of a child but there are seven million.”

4.      We lived in a materialistic world but there is one thing that is beyond these materialistic pleasures, that is “our time”. Our presence and guidance is much more precious than any other gifts.
“Your child needs your presence more than your presents.”
5.       It is true that we are the “role model” for our kids. We are the first mentor of our kids. So be a little cautious because actions speak louder than the words. Never permit ourselves to do anything that we are not willing to see our kids to do.
“We should never permit ourselves to do anything that we are not willing to see our children do.”

6.       There are no magic ingredients for a happy family. Just add the power of love, gratitude and respect for each other and then see the magic.
“Make good use of time and cherish what we have. Treat one another with love, respect and gratitude”.

7.       Practising mindfulness is very important.  Being in moment, enjoy togetherness is a true treasure of life. And as parent it is the best gift that we could ever get. It is true that we need to slow down to speed up.
I have observed that sometimes we need to slow down to speed up. Busy and faster does not always lead to bigger and better.”

8.      Each child is unique with different learning style and capabilities. Let them what they are and enjoy the true spirit of parenthood.
“Children are not colouring books; you do not need get to fill them with your favourite colours”.
9.        Spending quality time with kids and making a good interaction have profoundly positive effects on their cognitive and emotional development. It is the best way to shower your love and affection for your kids. It is more precious than any expensive toy.
“Interacting with mom and dad will help develop a child’s cognitive skills. Toys are great but you are far superior to any item you can buy.”

1 0.Words are powerful, use them wisely. Just because we think it, does not mean that they automatically know it.   Appreciate your kids; share your proud feeling of them. Sharing your positive thoughts is the foundation of long-term success and happiness.
“Never hesitate to tell your kids, you are proud of them. The effects of making your parents proud should never be underestimated.

I hope you enjoyed the reading these inspiring quotes, which one you liked most? Do you have any favourite inspiring quotes? Please share with us. I would love to read it. Until then happy parenting!

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