How to develop healthy and loving relationship between sibling

parenting is gift of god.being a parent second time definitely a moment of pride again but on practical aspect it increases all responsibilities twice.now caring of elder one with the presence of new born,make responsibility doubled.apart from all other responsibilities making a healthy and loving bond between two is a must responsibility of parents.because sibling relationship is one of the most loving relationship in the world.

 When my second daughter was born,my elder daughter was only 2.9 year old and like all other moms i was  under tension that how will i manage them together.so for releasing that pressure i have started “mental preparation”for me and my elder daughter.from the pregnancy time,mostly i try to imagine that how will i do this thing for two kids?or how will i react if both of them cry together?apart from that i talk with my elder daughter that a new baby is coming at our home(who is coming here to play with you,enjoy with you).by this way we both were mentally prepare for acceptance of new baby.so i think for making a strong relationship between sibling them and for managing them properly mental preparation from the time of pregnancy should .istartedt is the first step for making a loving bond between two of them.          


The most common problem in handling two kids is “negative reaction and non acceptance of older kid”he may become jealous because of lack of attention,he may become irritate because of sharing of space and all other things.so for avoiding this his involvement is first and most important step and it may be done by doing simple thing.for ex.while changing nappies instead of being irritate on elder one,try to involve him in that activity.or at the time of bath routine of new baby take small help with elder one,teach him about this new thing and along with give him all instructions that new born are so sensitive touch them with care.by this way instead of jealously he will enjoy company of new member in family.and if this step is crossed and passed peacefully than path of parenting to two kids will become easier
As the kids grow”sharing and caring”make a home rule.teach them from very starting point that they have to share and care for each other.in the moment of happiness and sadness(sickness,minor hurt) they have to be together.by practicing this they will create a strong bond with each other from early childhood and it will remain life long.

No compare.this is also a most common issue between siblings, most of us do that unconsciously this  thing create rivalry between them.so never compare between them.for encouragement you can make a weekly chart for different thing like good behaviour,academic record,good eating habits,and reward them for their good result.esp.guide to elder one to praise little one on each small effort in anything like painting,drawing,by this way little one also adopt the same thing in his behaviour.

   Minor fights and hitting are normal,and try they resolve it on their own.but try to make a no hitting rule at home for healthy atmosphere.

Try to spend more and more family time together with joy and happiness,it will increases family values and make a strong relationship between sibling,so try to apply this simple tool and enjoy happy sibling ,happy family.


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