How to develop reading habit in kids

        As we all know”Reading is a skill not a god gift” and it can be developed by practice,but it is not easy and quiet a big challenge in the path of parenting.as a mom of two lovely daughter i have observed that kids are prone at falling in to bad habits very easily like prolonged t.v.watching and playing video game but for formation of good habits hard work,patience and regularity is must.but once a good habit is formed that will last a lifetime.

                                                                                  I think the most difficult task in the path of developing any good habit is”make it interesting and raise a curiosity for it in kids” because kids love only those thing that they find interesting.it is very difficult that tell them”go and read that book” most of the kids will refuse them,because they do not have any idea or curiosity about it,so first thing is to raise a interest.for ex.if i have a book based on animal and bird for my kids and i want that they read it then what i do with my kids i start a small activity based on animal like one will mimic a voice of animal and other will guess it.or choose your favorite animal and say five sentence about it,once kids start involving in it,slowly i open book first i show the pictures and then read it.read loudly and with expressions and also tell them some other interesting fact about that subject.                                                                                                        

Drama and role play before reading also work very well,for ex.if i have a book based on sea animal i start a play like that we are going in a sea  by ship,we are watching different sea animals,once kids are in mood of imagination open the book and read all interesting fact about ocean life and sea animal.no doubt its little hard but it is only a starting point and need to do with small kids,once they grow up they will do it by their own.                                                                                                                     
Fixed a time and daily routine for reading.sleeping time is ideal time and story telling is interesting way for teaching reading habit.
Books with nice picture is ideal for all age group of kids,pictures create interest in kids and they will want to know more about them.
Make frequent visit to library.kids may feel it is boring but you need to try repeatedly to raise interest in books of different subject.
Adjust few shelves of books in different room.when you are busy and kids are getting boar ed at least they will turn few pages of book and this will be their first step towards reading habit.

 Instead of reading focus on”learning”make a rule that they should learn a new thing about any subject daily.fix a theme for a week like animals,our country,sports etc and for learning reading is must,when they will understand this thing they will enjoy reading.


If you have two kids,tell older one to teach younger one by this way also they will enjoy reading.  
Last and most important”Be a role model”.role modelling is an excellent way for teaching good habits.so try to apply this simple tools and enjoy “keep reading and keep learning with kids”.                                                                                                                                             


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